Wijnaldum, serious injury: news from Rome

Wijnaldum, serious injury: news from Rome

2022 for Jenny Wijnaldum is over even before the new adventure begins in Rome. We will see him again in an official match with the Giallorossi not before 2023 and most likely he will also have to say goodbye to the dream of playing the World Championship in Qatar as a champion. A tweet from Roma in the evening was eloquent: “Right leg fracture after injury reported during training.” A totally serendipitous match collision in a Trigoria match, when there are a few minutes left to the end of practice. Sharp pain, cracks and tears on the pitch. Then I rode the car to Villa Stewart to immediately undergo machine tests that confirmed first impressions on the field: a broken tibia, in his case. Bad News. I arrived a few hours after the words of Mourinho, who confirmed at the conference on the eve of Cremonese that he had seen him in clear growth and ready for the first time (even if not from the first minute) in front of his new fans. .

How long will Wijnaldum stay abroad?

Wijnaldum will undergo further examinations in the coming days. Through other medical consultations, it will be decided whether to opt for a surgical procedure that requires a pause of approximately two and a half months (for optimism), or to rely on conservative treatment that nonetheless provides longer recovery times, at least appreciated. 4 months. The footballer has also already listened to the Dutch national team doctor and friend Strootman, who had previously had surgery at Villa Stewart by Professor Mariani when he was playing for the Giallorossi. The decision will be made soon, but after the dream and hype of a stellar transfer, it couldn’t have been the worst start for the Dutchman.

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