Catherine Plumber, From La Wish Matta with Ugo Tognazzi to Fever from the Horse with Gigi Proietti: Passion, Magic and the Muzzle

Catherine Plumber, From La Wish Matta with Ugo Tognazzi to Fever from the Horse with Gigi Proietti: Passion, Magic and the Muzzle

Her Francesca O Catherine Plumbernot only engineer Antonio Berlingheri fell madly in love, that is Ugo Tognatzebut all Italian, with the complexity that that blonde-haired girl with irresistible eyes was only 17 when the 40-year-old protagonist lost his mind. crazy desire On the beach of Al-Saboudia. With this film immediately cult Luciano Salles In 1962, he launched the career of the Belgian actress, who was nicknamed with the loss of some hatred that bewitched the professional who fell into ridicule. But just a little bit because there was so much of that seductive charge with magic left in that little girl that the movie was forbidden to minors under the age of 14. Until 1975 in Italy – we must remember – people reached the age of 21 years.

In the same year it was in a masterpiece overtaking by Dino Risi with Vittorio Gasman, always in the role of the girl who turns heads not because of her body but because of this elegant mischief, which he was never foretold and precisely because of this crushing matter. An unforgettable conversation on the beach with the absent father performed by Gassmann.

He soared again the following year with the movie boring from Damiano Damiani Based on the bestselling Moravian novel: An unforgettable nude scene with a shower of ten thousand lira banknotes covering it

A double success within a few months which definitively launched the career of Catherine Plumber whose 36 films later also added bright tones to her repertoire with the gags that Gabriella stood in comparison to her boyfriend Gigi Prueti at horse fever by Steno. Comedy record backed by deep intelligence.

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Remembering this hugely successful movie, Catherine Spaak liked to remember: “I am not a gamer, one day while I was shooting a movie in Monte Carlo they invited me to play in the casino but I refused but I asked to play 90, and then they laughed because 90 doesn’t exist in roulette. We weren’t We know we’re making a movie that’s going to impress a lot of people, but when I got into a taxi they said ‘So, how are you, Gabriella? How are the horses? “And they also remember the lines. We had a lot of fun, and it all goes back to the director and then we the actors enjoyed and are grateful for the success of the film and the mark it left. With Gigi we broke through the roof of the apartment where we were shooting the scene where he got angry and threw the dishes ».

And it is Gabriella who gives her rickety boyfriend and girlfriends, including Er ointment Enrico Montesano, the names of Tris’ famous horses: Soldatino, the King and d’Artagnan. “Take-up” has become a hit and is still cited today along with “Mandraca” by Mandrake, the comic book hero and Bruno Fioretti’s nickname Gigi Proiti.

His ability to cover all roles, with a heavy dose of self-irony, was immediately apparent in 1964’s ‘Branclion’s army Always with Jasmann donning a stellar crew, the 19-year-old Belgian was introduced without much interest, as she herself would remember in the following years. But the girl who debuted five years ago in the Gauthier winter had broad shoulders. In 1960, the first sparks of the great future were made in Dolci inganni by Alberto Lattuada.

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In 1964 the first great success also in the musical field with We the Young – Surfing ArmyMughal song defines a generation and an era.

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