Marco Mengoni: “A government outdated in rights: absolutism” –

Marco Mengoni: “A government outdated in rights: absolutism” –

A rainbow crosses his face on the cover of the new album. Marco Mengoni closes the “Materia” trilogy with third album “Prisma” (Released on Friday) The play of colors recalls the decay of light through solid matter. But this rainbow has a deeper meaning for the songwriter. It is related to science Marco waved, with the Italian flag, on the podium of the Eurovision final about ten days ago. he was there The science of total inclusivityagainst all discrimination. In Italy I see many things that I do not understand because in 2023 they seem outdated to me. Not my desire to oppose it, but rather a desire to understand what is happening. I believe inclusivity and minorities are an integral part of society. Government majority forces don’t seem to be going in the same direction as you in terms of LGBT rights: «It scares me a littleBut I’m not alone, since this was also said by the head of government abroad (referring to Canadian Trudeau Mr. Dr). There are actions I see and thoughts I hear that make me want to scream my thoughts even at the cost of receiving the negative comments that obviously came after that mark. Even if they are more positive. I do not like the position of the current governmentto”.

from the general to the particular. Do you mean Minister Roxella? Not only that, but also the statements of House Speaker Fontana. I would like to understand why this approach exists.” Try to stay away from partisan judgments. Â «I don’t like using the word ‘fascist’. I don’t agree with what is being said though. Is it a practice to call something dictatorial? Or something to open a discussion and confront each other? Of course if it was the second option, it wouldn’t seem like the right way to me. I see domineeringAs if all these people do not live on the street and do not go to the supermarket to talk to people. How to judge Cuba from a five star room. I do not have assistants who do everything for me, I do not live on Olympus for singers: I have friends who do other things with whom I would compare myself ».

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What heats up Mongoni is not only the fights for LGBT rights. “The Damned of the Earth,” one of the album’s most musically enjoyable and experimental songs that navigates between electronics and the world, takes us to the drama of those who cross deserts and seas only to end up in slums and slums. employment. Also in the song is an excerpt from Nelson Mandela’s speech. Â “I was inspired by the work of anthropologist Frantz Fanon who showed how we treat different cultures differently. We have to find different ways to welcome those fleeing from places that are not peaceful and safe.”

It is not entirely a social record. In fact, the post is also musical, the colors and themes change from one song to another. There is also a moment to further disengage with Alodice On  «Pazza musica», which plays in the atmosphere of black music: «We are friends with her and we have promised each other to cooperate for some time. With this song in which I put all my African American influences, we are going against the grain, we are against a summer of Latin and reggaeton songs.” Anyone who used to think of Mengoni as a beautiful voice would be surprised at how transformative and distorted it can be to”I’m not that: • I enjoyed using the different perspectives. A prism lets in white light and then reveals the infinite colors that make it up. I like the idea of ​​a candidate analyzing all possible aspects of existence. After all, we men are like that ».

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