Gwendolyn, hot peaches in an apron: an island at his feet

Gwendolyn, hot peaches in an apron: an island at his feet

March 31st saw Gwendalina Tavasi and her brother land in Honduras to finally participate in Celebrity Island. The couple entered the game immediately. Tavasi stands out in the tests.

just under 4 days In Honduras and the couple tavasi Increasingly, he is taking on a key role in the reality show broadcast on Channel 5. Some believe that the wait has created enormous expectations around the couple who, however, have not disappointed, at least for the time being. Social media has also liked the effect of Two Tafasi in Honduras. Some followers were delighted with Gwendolyn’s charm.

Gwendalina Tavasi

From March 22The untouchables in Honduras immediately participated. Solo VIPs and those in pairs wasted no time at all getting started and throwing themselves into productions rehearsed as needed. Very special, for example, was the rehearsal they participated in Floriana and Jovana. The two, who were swimming in a boat, reached another island in the archipelago in an attempt to get food. Once on the island, production put them before the selection. In fact, the two had to choose between the two.”dishesThe former could only be eaten by them, while the other had to share with the other competitors. The choice of the two fell on chicken which, of course, was considered more delicious and inviting than the carrots and other vegetables shared with the other ‘untouchables’. In the final episode It was Marco Melandri who left the game.

Guendalina Tavassi, passed the hunting test!

Gwendalina Tavasi It seems that he has already settled on the island. The form didn’t take long to do this. This allowed her to directly enter the game even though she was almost in 10 days of delay. therenfluencer With his brother, an important consensus is being built on the island. The same tavasi I managed to get particularly involved in the last fishing farm. there roman She brought home many fish that made her especially appreciated by other competitors. This is yet another element that has unleashed fans on social media as can be seen in the comments below the post that his staff posted on his Instagram profile. Next, it follows the carousel with two images viewing a file Tavasi In swimwear.

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