His response to the rumours

His response to the rumours

There has been a lot of talk in recent weeks about the alleged Farewell to Mediaset by Barbara D’Urso, to the point that many newspapers have now assumed the separation between the presenter and the company as definite. According to some rumors, Dagosbya The presenter “will not be in the company’s plans”And Because his contract (which expires in December 2022) will not be renewed by Pier Silvio Berlusconi.

To illustrate the story was Barbara Dorso herself, who in an interview with printing He talked about his future on TV, responding to all the rumors that have been circulating in recent weeks.

Barbara Dorso, her response to her farewell to Mediaset

After weeks of rumors, Barbara Dorso He broke the silence about his future on the small screen, and finally spoke about his alleged farewell to Mediaset, which sparked a lot of discussion. mark His 65th birthdaythe presenter gave a lengthy interview with printingDefinitively explaining the relations with the company to which it was affiliated One of the leading faces for many years.

I will be staying at Mediaset again next year‘, D’Urso specified, referring to Rumors spread from Dagosbya In the past, he denied any rumors about him. Farewell sounds? I try to explain it in a nice way. There are people who are obsessed with me. Obsession can lead to things being assigned to write even if they are not true. Maybe to achieve more clicks. There is no point in denying sites. Neither I nor the company do that.”

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So it was not planned to say goodbye to Barbara, Who will continue to drive? That should be the only sure thing. from Five in the afternoon His historical afternoon talk show, which has been modified over time to offer the audience a More useful cut And less focus on gossip. If there was a secret plan for Pier Silvio Berlusconi, who according to Roberto D’Agostino’s website would be ready to flip the Canale 5 with the help of his partner Silvia Tovanin and Maria de Filippi, it is unknown at the moment.

Return is unlikely Sunday Live or Live – it’s not Dorso, While the future of Di Bubba and NerdyWhich did not give the desired results under the guidance of D’Urso.

Barbara Dorso, 65 years of success

Barbara Dorso celebrated a crazy party with her 65 years Stunning view of Milan cathedral, Which was attended by many friends and well-known TV faces, from Valeria Marini to Massimo Boldi, passing through Arissa with Vito Coppola, Metta, Vladimir Luxoria, Fabio Rovasi, Paola Paralli and Federico Fashion Style. The front outdone itself: She showed off a crazy look, in a super-tight mini dress, with a black feather and sequins puffy skirt.

On the occasion of this beautiful achievement, the presenter mentioned that if aging is a part of life, then age is just a number. “I don’t dwell too much on age, because it also does not exist. He said about it in an interview with printingadmitting to live the time that passes in peace.

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