Show respect for our children

Francesco Totti spoke officially and denied the news of the crisis with Ilari Blasi, categorically removing any doubt: “Enough false news.”

Francis berries He officially denied the news of the crisis with Hilary Blasey, categorically rejecting any suspicions: “Only fake news, not the first time but this time I’m tired.” Announcement released a few minutes later Picture of Elari BlaseyPosted while having dinner with the former Roma captain. “Here are you who write these things”, Francesco Totti warns again, “I warn you to be careful because children are involved and children should always be respected.”

The words of Francesco Totti

Francesco Totti’s face is straight and his voice is calm but resolute. He is annoyed by the gossip that had already put him in the arms of another woman, in this case, Noemi Bocchi.

You have heard many stories about me and my family. This is not the first time this fake news has happened. I address all of you who write all this stuff, and pay attention because there are children involved and children should be respected. And honestly, I’m really sick of having to prove that wrong.

This morning, Corriere della Sera had already announced the reaction of the close circles of the showgirl and ex-footballer who would not be in crisis or about to break up: “Denial is giving too much importance to news that leaves the time you find.” Then, obviously, the pressure changed and propagated a Identikit by Noemi Bocchithe supposed torch of Pupone, required the direct intervention of the spouses.

The identity of Noemi: the supposed torch of Francesco Totti

Noemi Bocchi, incredibly similar to Elari Blasey. For this reason, it was one of the most read news today. An inquisitive and decidedly full-bodied circumstance for gossip lover. In fact, Dagospia accurately revealed the identity of the girl: she graduated in economics, has long blond hair, has already married and divorced with Mario Caucci, a Tivoli football businessman. A common passion for paddles, these are the items that line up. But Francesco Totti and Ilari Blasi officially denied this.

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