Brazil, Bolsonaro hospitalized in the United States. In Brasilia, 1,500 people were arrested. Lula: “Terrorism, Sabotage and Coup” – Latin America

Brazil, Bolsonaro hospitalized in the United States.  In Brasilia, 1,500 people were arrested.  Lula: “Terrorism, Sabotage and Coup” – Latin America

It was the former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Admitted to AdventHealth Celebration, a hospital outside Orlando, Florida, with severe abdominal pain. Written by the O Globo portal, noting that since the surgery he underwent after the 2018 stabbing, Bolsonaro has been hospitalized on other occasions due to abdominal pain. The most recent was in November, when he was admitted to the Armed Forces Hospital in Brasília. His wife later confirmed the news of his hospitalization.

United State They have not received any official request from Brazil regarding a possible extradition Bolsonaro after his supporters attacked Parliament. This was stated by US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, explaining that the US authorities are not in direct contact with Bolsonaro. “Of course, if we receive such requests, we will treat them as we always do, and we will treat them seriously,” he added.

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He was among the demonstrators who participated in storming the buildings of the authority in Brazil identified Bolsonaro’s nephew, Leonardo Rodriguez de Jesus – better known as “Leo Indio”. CNN writes it online. Indio posted several videos and photos to his Instagram profile on Sunday showing him standing in the crowd surrounding Brazil’s Congress. In a selfie, Indio appears in a green shirt and black hat, with visibly red eyes. In a later edited comment, Indio said his eyes were reddened by the tear gas “fired by the security forces” who “focused their attention on all the protesters”. He also denied involvement in “any acts of vandalism” and said that those responsible for destroying government buildings were “disguised vandals and cowards disguised as patriots”.

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About 1,500 detainees, Lula wants the hard line

A wave of arrests in Brazil and the pursuit of officials after the attack on institutions that caused the democracy of the South American giant to stumble for several hours. The country woke up this morning Still… in shock For the attack launched on Sunday by thousands of Bolsonaro’s followers on the three emblematic seats of the state: Parliament, the government and the Supreme Court. For a few hours, the Bolsonaristas gave themselves up to all kinds of destruction in the buildings overlooking the Piazza dei Tre Bauori. Remember what Donald Trump’s followers did on Capitol Hill, the Brazilian rebels smashed doors, smashed windows and shop windows, smashed chairs and tables, looted safes, mutilated famous paintings, and even made outrageous gestures.

The Minister of Communications, Paolo Pimenta, confirmed that there were those who “urinate and defecate in the Palazzo del Planalto”, the seat of government. Solidarity with President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva immediately came from all over the world, from the USA to Italy, from China to Russia, from the European Union to Mexico and Argentina. The media stirred up “the most serious act against Brazilian democracy since the end of the dictatorship”, however The police proved completely unprepared and unable To muster enough forces to stop the attack. In fact, controversy rages over the footage of some customers who appeared to be fraternizing with the troublemakers.

To try to understand how such a thing could happen, he will form the Brazilian Senate Parliamentary investigation committee. But the truth is that both the Governor of the Federal District of Brasília, Ibañez Rocha, and above all the Minister of Security, Anderson Torres, Bolsonaro’s man, confirmed the “absolutely peaceful” nature of the mobilization. This makes us understand why, at the moment of the attack, Lula was away, in the state of São Paulo, visiting the flooded areas of Aracura. From there the President signed a decree ratifying the immediate federal intervention of the Government of Brasília and appointing Rodrigo García Capelli as head of the operation.

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Before returning to Brasília, Lula condemned the “vandalous and fascist” attack on public buildings and affirmed that “All those responsible will be identified and prosecuted.” From the statements of the head of state – who spoke about it today “terrorist acts”, suggesting the possibility that “they were funded by overseas businessmen as well” – government retaliation began, also supported by the Supreme Court. One of the judges, Alexandre de Moraes, ordered the dismissal and order of the governor of Brasília Purging camps of Bolsonaro supportersin Brasilia and the rest of the country. “We will work – announced the President of the Court, Rosa Weber – so that the terrorists who participated in these actions are prosecuted and punished in an exemplary manner.”

During the day the police, with the support of an army that often showed itself very sympathetic to the Bolsonarians, managed to clear the armed base in front of the military headquarters in the capital, with About 1,500 people were arrested and taken away in 40 buses. Bolsonaro felt called into question by the United States, as today he was transferred, among other things, to a hospital in Orlando with “extreme abdominal pain”, he tried to distance himself from the violence by defining which were “illegal” and which, however, In his opinion, it will not differ from those committed by left-wing militants in 2013 and 2017. His stay on American soil may become difficult in the future, because some deputies have speculated about his extradition. But US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said so for the time being No requests were received from Brazil.

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