Van Gogh: Environmentalists are in a state of vandalism, what happened is unbelievable

Van Gogh: Environmentalists are in a state of vandalism, what happened is unbelievable

The environmental battle does not stop, but this time a famous painting by Van Gogh is lost, what environmentalists have done in vandalism.

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The fight against climate change has undoubtedly become hotter in recent years, especially thanks to the greater media weight it has gained Greta Thunbergwhich participated in many interventions in which it accused politicians and industry leaders of not having a future for the land, and thus the future of new generations.

However, sometimes, the situation deteriorates and what could be just a protest becomes something more, like what happened in The National Gallery in Londonat that time a famous painting by Van Gogh It was revealed there – which deeply shocked public opinion, which immediately called the incident an act of vandalism.

Van Gogh What is the vandalized painting and what happened?

In the past few hours, environmental activists have entered the National Gallery in London and, in protest, have thrown some soup against Van Gogh’s masterpiece. sunflowerin front of the alarming gaze of other beneficiaries.

This gesture was clearly taken by everyone and it was also conveyed by the British media through one of the many videos circulating on the network in these hours (which we suggest below with the participation of the Euronewsgreen Instagram page).

The gesture was prompted, predictably, as an act of protest against policies related to climate emergencies. In particular, it is the government’s policies that are being questioned Les TrussRecently replaced Boris Johnson As Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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According to British ecologists, in fact, the policies pursued by the (currently conservative) government are a real step back and, for this reason, have the slogan “Just stop the oilThey began to conduct raids, strike and conduct business in different parts of the country – affecting mainly public places and transportation.

But this time, according to public opinion, it really went too far, especially if we consider that the payment for the costs was a painting of enormous value (estimated at up to 80 million euros) for an author who has nothing to do with this kind of issue.

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