Second vote of confidence in Feijóo. Spain is on the verge of new elections

Second vote of confidence in Feijóo.  Spain is on the verge of new elections

Defeat declared. The leader of the People’s Party that won the elections last July 23, however He does not have a majority in Parliamenthe still wanted to present himself for inauguration in the courtroom. “He just wasted our time.” His opponent, the current Socialist Prime Minister, said Pedro Sanchez. Now it will be his turn: He has two months to try to collect the votes needed to form a new government. Support for Catalan nationalists is essential Which stipulated an amnesty and a referendum on Catalonia’s self-determination. Regarding the first question, there is ample room for negotiation, regarding the second question, the SWP reiterated no.

Figo’s arrows, Abascal’s threats

At the end of his speech to the room, Figo launched a severe attack directed at Sanchez: “There is no success in deception and lying. If it is his will to continue this moral and political decadence, it will be his responsibility or irresponsibility. I do not want to be president at any cost… Now is the time to see if you want to be head of government at the expense of the dignity and equality of Spaniards,” he said, in a clear reference to a possible amnesty for Catalan separatists. Which Sánchez could grant to obtain a vote of confidence. The most Threatening was the intervention of the leader of the Vox party, Santiago Abascal: “The Spanish people have the right to defend themselves, and then they should not start complaining if that happens.”

Trust denied

Black smoke for the popular candidate for prime minister, Alberto Nunez Viejo: On Tuesday, he failed to collect the necessary votes (176) in the first vote for the inauguration debate, where it was necessary to obtain an absolute majority. He received only 172 votes in favor – the Popular Party (137), the far right of the Vox Party (33), the Canaria Alliance (1) and the Pueblo Navarro Federation (1) – and 178 votes against the Socialist Workers Party (121), the radical left of Somar (31). . , Esquerra Republica de Catalunya (7), Junts per Catalunya (7), EH Bildu (6), Basque Nationalist Party (5) and Galician Nationalist Bloc (1). The numbers are unlikely to change in the second vote, where a simple majority would be sufficient. Before the second vote, Figo will have ten minutes to request support from the House of Representatives.

Fox, the unsuitable ally

Since his electoral victory two months ago, the PP leader has sought the necessary support from across the parliamentary spectrum, even going so far as to propose a kind of non-fighting pact on the socialists in the SWP. Returned to sender. The only confirmed allies were the three parties that voted yes to confidence. Especially the extreme right Vox, which is already governed by PP In several municipalities and some Spanish regions, after the administrative elections in May. These weeks of negotiations were not fruitful. Some potential allies, such as the Basque Nationalist Party, have refused to enter into a coalition with Vox, an indispensable but increasingly inappropriate ally of the People’s Party.

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The ball is passed to Sanchez

So, as expectedFeijóo will not receive a vote of confidence, and the countdown to a new election call begins. But the constitution guarantees the possibility of nominating others to head the council. The deadline for further negotiations is two months, that is, between September 27 and November 27. In this period, Socialist Workers Party candidate Pedro Sánchez will also seek a government majority. King Felipe VI will open a new round of consultations, and once it is completed, he will propose his name.

Difficult negotiations with Junts

The front part of In fact, the left has been opening negotiations with Catalan parties for weeks (Erc and Junt for Catalonia) to gain their support. Negotiations were initiated by Somar leader Yolanda Díaz and conducted with great secrecy. The silence was broken on Thursday when the Catalan parliament passed a resolution on the right to self-determination, which conditioned approval of Sanchez’s inauguration on his support for a referendum. A red line that the Socialist Workers Party does not intend to cross. On Friday, he published a statement in which he reiterated his rejection of any secessionist referendum. theto Instead, the Socialist Workers’ Party was open to the amnesty lawwhich the exiled leader of the Junts, Carles Puigdemont, will also enjoy.

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