Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Moscow-Melitopol bridge “undermined by vandals in Kiev”

Ukraine – Russia, war news today.  Moscow-Melitopol bridge “undermined by vandals in Kiev”

He added that Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba admitted that the hypothesis of a complete power outage in the aftermath of the Russian bombing “is very realistic, but the unstable situation will not prompt Ukrainians to leave the country.” In the event of new attacks on the Ukrainian energy system, “people will move to rural areas, where there is an opportunity to burn firewood.” On the ground, the Ukrainians said they had hit the Wagner base in Kadyevka and a Russian base in Melitopol. There was a heavy bombardment of Nikopol during the night. Kherson also hit a place where Russian missiles injured one person.

The War in Ukraine and Global Tensions: What You Need to Know

Live news of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia

Michel to 27, ensuring the sustainability of assistance in Kiev

“Ukraine is, as always, at the center of our interests. Russia’s massive military escalation since October 10, with its repeated attacks on Ukraine’s vital facilities and energy infrastructure, has caused massive damage to the country. Ukrainian power grid. Millions of civilians were left without electricity, heating or running water. The situation, exacerbated by the arrival of snow and sub-zero temperatures, requires an appropriate response on our part, as well as in terms of preparedness and humanitarian assistance.” Charles Michel, in the invitation letter addressed to the 27 heads of state and government to attend the ASEAN-EU Summit on December 14 and to the 15-nation European Council. Ensure the sustainability of our military and financial support to Ukraine.

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Moscow-Melitopol bridge “undermined by vandals in Kiev”

On the outskirts of Melitopol, the strategic city in the province Zaporizhia occupied by the Russians since last March, a bridge used by the Russians to transport military equipment to the forces in the occupied areas was damaged. The bridge did not collapse, but the road was flooded. This news comes from Ukrainian and Russian sources. According to the agency RIA Novosti, the bridge was blown up by “Ukrainian saboteurs”. “The main goal of the terrorists is to cut off the supply of vital goods, food, medicine and construction materials to the liberated lands of the Zaporizhia and Kherson regions,” he said. Vladimir RogovHead of the “We are with Russia” movement.

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