February 6, 2023

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Kyiv summons the Apostolic Ambassador because of Pope Francis’ statements about Daria Dugina. Kuleba: “We are disappointed”

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kyiv summoned the Apostolic Ambassador to Ukrainemonsignor Vesvaldas Colbocason the last comment of Pope Francis on the death of Daria Dogina. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitro Koleba. We have carefully studied the full quote from Pope Francesco “We decided to invite the Apostolic Nuncio to the meeting to express Ukraine’s disappointment,” Kuleba said, adding that a statement on the matter would soon be issued, with more details.

The Kyiv representative pointed out that the recall of the ambassador is a coincidence without precedents And as such it speaks for itself. “I will honestly say that the Ukrainian heart Torn by the words of the Pope. I was unfair“.

During the general interview on Wednesday, August 24, A The Supreme Pontiff had expressed his opinion on the murder of Dogina, and described the woman as one “innocent victim” from war. A statement did not come down to Kyiv. Ukrainian ambassador to Holy SeeIn fact, it is he who determined the Pope’s speech “disappointing”pointing an accusing finger at the parallel that, according to Kiev, the pontiff would have done between them “The aggressor and the victim, the rapist and the rapist”.

Daria Doginadaughter Alexander Dugin A TV commentator, was murdered in Moscow last year July 2 The car he was in exploded. According to Russia to commit the murder it was possible Natalia VovkThe Ukrainian woman suspected of being a member of the Azov Battalion And that, according to the reconstructions made by Russian investigators, she would have escaped inside Estonia. The package that was placed in the car in which Dogina was traveling was actually intended for the father who, according to the first reconstructions, would have decided at the last minute not to get into the car with his daughter.

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“Our hearts only want revenge and revenge, it would be very despicable, not in the Russian style,” “We just need win overHappy Alexander Dugin. Russian ultra-nationalist philosopher and Eurasian theoristDugin is considered a man close to the president Russian President Vladimir Putin And one of my inspirationsInvasion of Ukraine. “Our hearts do not just want revenge and revenge,” said Dugin, “it would be very despicable, not in the Russian way,” “we just need victory.”