Flora dies after three days in intensive care

Flora dies after three days in intensive care

He was forgotten on the school bus and left locked in the sun for seven hours. This is how Flora, a four-year-old Hungarian girl, died in Tomagmonostora, a town east of Budapest. On Tuesday, June 7, the little girl stayed from 8.30 to 15 in the minibus entrusted to her by her parents and which was supposed to take her to the kindergarten. Instead, the driver forgot it and left it in the middle with a temperature of nearly 50 degrees Celsius. The car was parked in front of the school and closed. When she was finally found in the afternoon, Flora was unconscious but still alive, the Mirror reported. She was taken to the hospital by air ambulance and was taken to the hospital for three days in intensive care. Despite the efforts of doctors who tried to save her in every way, the little body could not stand heatstroke and dehydration, after seven hours without drinking in what became a real oven.

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The 56-year-old was hit by a school bus driver and taken to a facility where he is receiving psychotherapy. Closed in pain the family who had hoped for a miracle to the end. “We took my son and daughter-in-law home. They are so upset, we can hardly talk to them,” Flora’s grandfather told Borse. The school, according to the local press, refused to answer trivial questions about the safety of the young passengers on the school bus. One above all: Because there was no staff to supervise the youngsters besides the driver.

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