birthday presents? Get inspiration from VIPs

Christmas gifts: a cross and a joy every December. If the ritual of shopping can be an unmissable date for a person, it is also true that doubts abound and the rush towards gifts can become a problem. To help us choose, there are VIP proposals.

The most unusual idea certainly comes from Ghouinith baltrow. The actress, who rode the success of the “Vagina Smell” candle, launched a series of exciting new ideas this year: From vibrators to sexy pills, there’s something for everyone (Read more here).

Equally original, but in a completely different way, the chin gem she was wearing Angelia Jolie During the first show: It is a candidate to be the perfect Christmas gift for those who want to be amazed.
If we follow the traditions, then jewelry and lingerie are a classic gift under the tree: Paola Torani Reliably Pandora and bra provoking factor From Arissa, in sheer lace, has a definite effect. The animal blanket is very scenic Victoria’s Secret: Bella Hadid She wears it with nothing underneath, but it’s also perfect for…the family sofa.

Spend a little but make a great impression with socks Emporio Armani he’s wearing videos. If you are looking for a supportive gift, the jacket OVS From Noemi, whose proceeds go to save the Children, she’s perfect. And finally, the most expensive and signed gift: saddle bag From Dior. She has tissues Sheila Gata We are sure it will appeal to many under the tree.

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Look in the gallery for the cost of these offers and come back to visit us: you will find more in the coming days!

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the price 145.00 EUR

provoking factor


the price 40.00 EUR

Victoria’s Secret


the price 20.00 EUR

Emporio Armani

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