US, HOT WAVE Expected Registration in Many States and Other Hurricanes After Tornado Disaster 3B Meteo

US, HOT WAVE Expected Registration in Many States and Other Hurricanes After Tornado Disaster 3B Meteo
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A new extreme event is coming up in the United States – Whereas the budget Disaster hurricane path At least hit the central states 94 people have been affected, Hundreds of injured are still unknown number Missing, Weather evolution is preparing to give a new extreme situation to much of the US sector. The cold air of the polar matrix Getting ready to land in the Northwest United States from the North Pacific, it will bring Cold and low snow Washington State, Oregon and more California Calling back Very hot tropical air Towards the Central and Northern States. At 1500m + 15/20 ° C between Wednesday and Thursday the isotherm will cross the entire United States from south to north, reaching Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, Minnesota and the entire Great Lakes region. Winter heat wave It could be Without precedents Per Extension and intensity.

Temperature They will wake up suddenly until they reach it 20/25 C above average Seasonal and this time Extreme temperatures and heavy snowfall will affect temperate regions such as California. More than 30 C is not the only news between Texas and New Mexico Possible posts This could definitely affect the Great Lakes area. Chicago For example, it could break its previous winter temperature record of 21 ° C on December 2, 1981. Under the lens Kansas City. Spread even if the heat is low And in southern Canada. Transportation of this hot front will not be painless for some areas between the western and central states. A severe storm system It grows in cold sacks and in contact with hot air taken from the south. Even the new strong thunderstorm and hurricane super cells This time they can attack the area Rocky Mountains And the opposite plains of Colorado and New Mexico.

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