Alfonso Signorini The Tragedy Broke Our Hearts: “A Dramatic Moment” – X Gossip

Alfonso Signorini The Tragedy Broke Our Hearts: “A Dramatic Moment” – X Gossip
Alfonso Signorini (Image by Mediaset Infinity) –

Alfonso Signorini expresses his concern about the tragedy that touched the hearts of the Italian people.

This last period was certainly not easy for Italy, and in particular, as we know, the last tragedy which befell the peninsula was that connected withEmilia-Romagna.

There is no doubt that the frequency in recent years extreme weather events Intensified due to many external factors. the flood Which affected the northern Italian region has been purchased deadAnd wounded And Damage To the infrastructure, not to mention Emotional trauma of the population who have gone through this difficult moment.

for this magazine from and its director Alfonso SignoriniOn the contract of A It happened which will be held on June 28 at Grand Hotel RiminiOne party To promote the restoration of the Emilia-Romagna region and to raise funds.

Unfortunately, something went wrong and Alfonso Signorini decided on it Move The invitation is through a post with a long description, which goes viral thanks to Instagram.

Flood in Emilia-Romagna: we need to join forces

L’Fundraising appeal Posted a few days ago jointly by Che and Alfonso Signorini. “We want to help people who have lost everything with youcompanies that after the tragedy will have to start over and the whole region,” reads an excerpt from the IG post, “for this we need to join forces,” he continues, not only single people, but also partners such as Mediolanum Bank And Mondadori Media.

An exceptional partner for this noble and essential purpose The future of Emilia-RomagnaToday, she’s on her knees, but hopefully she’s ready to recover thanks to everyone’s help.

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Instagram post by Chi and Alfonso Signorini “Together we help Emilia-Romagna” (Image Instagram) –

Together: Che and Alfonso Signorini invite

The magazine’s fundraiser and its director focus on one word: “together”. This is to emphasize that in dark and disastrous times, one can do nothing but join forces and set in motion social network that keeps us connected to each other.

“In Emilia-Romagna we have friends, girlfriends, memories, emotions andIn this dramatic moment, we will certainly not leave alone those who have given us so much in recent yearsCollection begins on the day the post is published – donation details are highlighted in the photo – and will run through June 28, culminating inIt happened in Rimini Organized by Chi and Partners.

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