La Joventut de la Faràndula returns to Barcelona's Poliorama Theater

La Joventut de la Faràndula returns to Barcelona's Poliorama Theater

La Joventut de la Faràndula presents his musical works Snow White and the Seven Dwarves At the Poliorama Theater in Barcelona on three occasions: Sunday, February 11, 18 and 25 at twelve in the morning. It has already been seen by more than 18,000 spectators since its premiere in 2011, and on this occasion, it will be the third time that the show has been shown on stage in Barcelona.

It is a musical comedy with a scriptAlbert Gonzalez And the music from Kiko Pujol Which offers an alternative point of view to the classic children's story. Inspired by the original narrative by the Brothers Grimm, the play modernizes the roles of the characters, especially Snow White, presenting her as an empowered woman far removed from traditional stereotypes.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Farandola Theater. Image: provided.

Led cast Maria del Valle I Christina Fabero In the main role, alternating in the role, and may Marcel Castillejo Like a prince Joan Monistrol Like a soldier, I am Jessica Martin Like the Queen however, the main attraction of the production is the Seven Dwarfs, who play themselves Paul Birch, Oriole Birch, Bernat Torruella, Ferran Vidal, Lorenzo Costa, Paul Moix I Arnau SolsonaWhich presents a cute and unique version of these characters. Choreography is responsible for Montse Argimi.

The youth of the ferandola

the The youth of the ferandola is a professionally trained professional with 76 years of experience specializing in family theater and large-scale musicals. It presents four productions per season Farandola Theater Sabadell, highlighting its annual production of Little shepherds by Josep M. Folch i Torres, which is very popular and contributes greatly to the Catalan theatrical scene. In recognition of its contribution to the Catalan children's scene, the organization was awarded the Cross of Sant Jordi on its 75th anniversary for its work in theatrical staging, production and training.

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Cover image: Farandula's performance from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

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