Imanol Arias avoids prison after pleading guilty to tax fraud

Imanol Arias avoids prison after pleading guilty to tax fraud
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the actor Imanol Arias He reached an agreement with the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Public Prosecutor’s Office under which he accepts a prison term of less than two years – which does not mean he will go to prison – and admits to defrauding the treasury of €2.7 million of his profits from the series. Tell me how it happened.”

The translator’s defense has reached an agreement according to the charges that will be specified in trial Which began this Tuesday in the National Court, which according to reports A Evie Legal sources include reducing his sentence to less than two years in prison and paying a fine after the perpetrator confessed to committing several crimes against the treasury.

The actor, who has already paid all the civil liability requested by the prosecutor, is sitting in the dock together with His co-star in the above-mentioned novel, Anna DuatoThe Public Prosecution is demanding that he be imprisoned for 32 years.

By Imanol Arias, Attorney General Thomas Herranz A term of 27 years imprisonment was initially sought, although this claim was reduced under the above agreement, which remains to be finalized before the court in trial.

The actor is one of the defendants who has reached an agreement with the district attorney’s office, which already refers in its interim qualification brief to the decision of six other defendants to admit the facts in exchange for reductions in their sentencing requests.

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Just started on the first day of trialThe Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Bar Association withdrew the charges against her sisterImanol AriasThe prosecution requested that she be imprisoned for nine and a half years and exempted from criminal responsibility.

In this action, the heroes of the series Explica’m va passa are accused of hiding 2.7 million euros from the treasury, in a caseImanol Arias And 1.9 at thatAnna Duatoof their profits through arcane structures set up by the law firm monetary. The producer of fantasy and two were also chargedAnna DuatoMiguel Angel Bernardo.

The Public Prosecutor believes that the office attempted to divert its income from professional activity through… a job as in Actors of both in Lifetime Income “intend to illicitly enjoy the 60% bonus set by the rule for this type of income.”

anti-Corruption States That of monetary The corporate structures were designed “in order to avoid taxes that would have been imposed on Spain for income from all types of companies located in our country.”

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