In Città della Scienza track dedicated to Covid, ‘the virus that changed life’

Exhibit to talk about Covid, what was and what will be, and the challenges that still lie ahead for the research world as well as society with its adaptations and transformations. “SARS Cove 2. The Virus That Changed Our Lives”, established as a new thematic island within Corporea, the interactive museum about the human body by Science City It was made possible thanks to the contribution of the Campania region (museums and libraries sector).

The opening, which can be attended by invitation, will be attended by the President of Città della Scienza and member of the Scientific Committee of the Exhibition Riccardo Villari, and members of the Scientific Committee of the Exhibition. Paulo Askerto, Ivan Gentile, Roberto Parilla and Pina Tomaselli, Deputy Secretary of the Italian Federation of Pediatricians, Department of Naples, Assunta Edma Marigliano, Professor of General Pediatrics at the University of Naples “Federico II” and President of the Italian Pediatric Society Anna Maria Staiano.

Through video clips, multimedia installations and interactive demonstrations, the exhibition path, created with the contribution of the prestigious Scientific Committee, aims to deepen three axes: knowledge of viruses and viruses from a biological and epidemiological point of view; The fight against the epidemic at the health level, describing both tools, treatments and vaccines, as well as human aspects, for example through the photographs of Riccardo Seppi Visconti, who documented the lives of health professionals and patients in the wards of Campania hospitals and finally the social impact of the pandemic and future prospects for overcoming it, having drawn Important lessons from it.

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