“Big Brother Vip 6”, a lot of quarrels and disrespect: Signorini beat Vipponi

“Big Brother Vip 6”, a lot of quarrels and disrespect: Signorini beat Vipponi

It starts off in an offbeat fashion, with Alfonso Signorini entering the house to clarify after the violent quarrels of the past few days and the deep rift that has developed between the contenders.

Signorini greets the Vippons and immediately scolds them for the excessive undertones in which he says he no longer finds himself. It all started in the last episode, with a very dangerous exchange of insults and accusations that witnessed Katya, Solai and Manila on one side and Mirjana, Selassie and Natalie on the other. It even got to the point of eating separately.

Then a video from the past few days is shown. The crack comes up when it comes to shopping. The disagreements between Katya, Lulu and Natalie have been lost. The air does not breathe. On her return to the studio, Valeria says that everything has taken an alarming turn and balance must be restored. Signorini makes a long list of things everyone should be ashamed of. Katya apologizes for some of the phrases she said to Lulu (“Go back to study in your country”), but she demands respect by rejecting accusations of racism. Lulu replied that instead she acted as a racist because if she had not been of Ethiopian descent, she would not have told her this. But in the end he apologises.

On the other hand, Nathalie adds: “Katya is a bad person – she attacks – you see her like this but every day she has to blame someone. I am convinced that she is an unresolved person.”

twins – Signorini invites everyone to go to the park for an important connection, the women in front of the red carpet, and the men right behind them. When everyone is lined up, the freeze is turned on and up. He reads a statement from Big Brother that highlights how he pushes the boundaries of common sense and respect, even toward the public at home. “The aggressive and aggressive tones you used do not honor you who used them or those who listened to them.” The older brother asks to write down what happened and restore the spirit of the beginning. After the freeze, Signorini explained that he came in person because he wanted to see people he personally chose in the face he no longer recognized and with whom the pact of trust seemed to be broken. Alfonso insists on three key words: welcome, respect and listen. He concludes by inviting everyone to check their conscience and in case you realize you can no longer handle it, take the door and walk out.

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Study Planning Signorini returns to the studio and asks Adriana, Laura, and the eliminated competitors for an opinion. Practically everyone agrees to look at apologies made only in the face and to still see a lot of anger among the Vippons. Reggiani is calm: “They don’t understand, I’m going to be ruled out, I’m going to start coming home.”

Delia enters GF’s house Turn the page and go to Alex Bailey’s story. In fact, Delia decides to enter the house and Alex says she does not agree, but she hopes that her entry will also help her understand certain dynamics. However, Delia will not enter tonight because for the sake of anti-Covid measures, she must face quarantine. Now he is on the stage and says to come “tell me my story”.

MEETING FOR MANUEL Bortuzzo has been summoned to Mystery. With Alfonso, he evaluates these four months, then a picture of his family is shown to him. Also pictured is his brother Kevin, who came to see him at home tonight. The two meet on the podium: Manuel is happy to see Kevin, who has moved, and tells him he’s proud to be his brother. Also called Lulu, who can thus meet her “brother-in-law”…

Women’s Poker for Barrow – Alfonso invites Jessica, Katya, Sully and Valeria to the confessional. Signorini asks them all for an opinion on Barrow. Only words of appreciation and admiration appear to those who are called to the confessional. Regardless of everything, he seems only flattered by the situation but without real interest in any of the women in the House.

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Sophie E. Alessandro – In recent days, the story between the two has definitely accelerated. The couple was practically formed, Alessandro even asked Sophie to hide in front of everyone. The statement made regarding a losing bet with Giucas but essentially also does not differ from the truth of the facts. It’s all seasoned with the irony of Sulli who annoys them a bit because of their “annoying love”.

The return of Diane Melo – The Brazilian showgirl, one of last season’s heroines, is standing on the podium waiting to be able to say goodbye to her best friend Soleil. La Sorge is called to the confession center where Alfonso tells her she will soon have a good time. Diane enters the garden, where she relives her past experience. Sulli goes to the garden, unaware who she will find. So much so that, despite the stalemate, when he sees Diane he lets out a shriek of surprise.

Nature CYCLONE – He was there for a few weeks but Caldonazzo broke the balance of the House, immediately arguing with Valeria first, then with Carmen and finally with Katia and Manila. Ricciarelli identifies her as “Angle,” Carmen “discovers” that Enzo Paolo Turci has invited her to their wedding, and Barrow says she doesn’t trust her. Eva Grimaldi also addresses a controversy. Only Sami comes to his rescue.

Delia, Alex and Soliel – In recent days, Sorge has had a moment of despair and Alex released a supportive tweet for her. Another thing Delia did not take well, however, upon entering the house, would have the opportunity to clarify everything with Sulli and understand how things are going.

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hug for mirjana – A frantic Miriana is invited to the love ship. She says the more days go by, the more she misses Biagio. Now they can hug again, albeit with glass and plastic gloves. He invites her not to be discouraged and not to waste time on useless discussions.

unexpected sounds – Alfonso announced to Natalie, Soleil and Carmen that their TV broadcast will remain open until Monday because tonight’s episode was unexpected. But there will still be a vote (a secret for men, open to women) in which the name of the competitor you want to make immune is indicated, and the two people who vote most on Monday will be immune. The men begin to write their names in an envelope. Then it’s up to the women, who instead have to publicly say their choices: Carmen votes for Valeria and Giacomo, Manila chooses to grant immunity to Katia while Lulu votes for her sister Jessica. Mirjana chooses Jessica in hopes of finding herself with Manila. Apparently Sophie voted for Alessandro. Katya returns the favor to Manila. Jessica chose Lulu while Natalie voted for Gianmaria. Sulli closes and votes for Katya. It’s time to find out the men’s voices: Manuel grants immunity to Lulu, Giacomo and Valeria to Katia, and Gianmaria chooses Alessandro, who returns the favor. Barrow is called Franco, and he is David’s alter ego. Jukas voice Katia as well as David.

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