For her children, money and a euro villa

For her children, money and a euro villa

The “first half” of the breakaway match between Francesco Totti and Ilari Blasi ended. It is not easy to determine who has preference between the two, especially since both are satisfied with provisional measures taken by the civil court in Rome.

Divorce Totti Ilari, she asked for 24 thousand euros (later decreased to 13). The captain wanted the villa and the children for half a year: he didn’t provide any maintenance

Totti, the first knockout

Judge Simona Rossi ruled that the former Giallorossi captain must pay his wife €12,500 per month to support his three children; Added to it 75% of school fees and 50% of exceptional expenses (travel, sports, medical care). In addition, the mega-euro villa will be exclusively available to the presenter Mediaset, who will apparently be able to share it with its new partner Bastian Müller-Pettenpohl. Totti remains the exclusive owner of the house, for which he continues to pay a large mortgage every month—the premiums are “heavier” than the maintenance allowance—but he will not be able to access it freely, except at the invitation of Ilary or one of his sons.

The judge granted joint custody of the children, but they would have the “principal place” in their mother’s home; To which, in fact, the matrimonial home was assigned. The youngest, Isabel, will be staying with her father and his new partner, Noemi, on alternating weekends, plus a few days in the middle of the week. While the two older children will have the opportunity to manage themselves and spend more time with their father, in addition to alternate weekends set by the court. This decision, to which the mother agreed, was made taking into account that on November 6 Christian will become an adult and on May 13 Chanel will turn 16 years old.

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Although the court duel has now dragged on for eight months – first with a “wardrobe war” over Rolex and designer bags and shoes, and then with an actual separation – no out-of-court settlement has yet been reached between the two. Incredibly, however, Judge Simona Rossi’s interim rulings seem to combine the two, at least in an economic sense that relates to the maintenance of the three children and which actually translates – apart from food and clothing – into management expenses from the huge euro villa allocated to Blasey: bills, maid, gardener.

But what were the couple’s claims? Totti wanted to have the whole house to himself and spend as much time with his children as his wife: in short, in general, half a year each. In the event that the judge accepts this request, the former footballer does not want to pay even a single euro of maintenance. Instead, he proposed a cumulative allowance for the three children of €2,000 per month or a maximum of €6,000. For this reason, the court’s decision to make him pay 13 thousand euros per month, in addition to 75% of the school’s expenses, was met with great satisfaction by the lawyers Alessandro Simeone and Pompiglia Rossi, who defended the Mediaset presenter. Evidenced by the “pupone” footnote, with the help of lawyer Antonio Conte, who was also pleased with the result obtained, in response to the request made by Ilary in the writ of summons: 24,000 euros for the maintenance of the three children plus 100% of the extraordinary expenses for the children. Even if it did, during the presidential hearing the showgirl’s claim was reduced to 13 thousand euros. It must be said that the former letterina, at the moment, earns more than the former number 10 in Rome: in fact, she hosts the successful program “L’isola dei fame”, which collects tens of thousands of euros per episode; Instead, after hanging up his boots, he lives on as a talent scout and sponsor. Moreover, he has to take very high eurozone villa mortgage payments, even “heavier” than the maintenance he will have to pay his children.

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the other half
In the “second phase” of the separation, the preliminary investigation will begin, likely after the summer, when the couple will be able to present any evidence of alleged (relevant) infidelity, to demand the termination of the marriage to charge one or all of the “other.” In the meantime, and before The verdict is passed, the conservative measures taken by the judge yesterday remain in force.The husband and wife still have the possibility of choosing a mutual agreement, perhaps starting from the number that was determined after the presidential hearing, on which there appears to be an agreement.

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