Cousin Nicole Santinelli vs. Carlo Alberto Mancini, then suspended Christian Di Carlo on the breakup

Cousin Nicole Santinelli vs. Carlo Alberto Mancini, then suspended Christian Di Carlo on the breakup

Men and women, the relationship between Carlo Alberto Mancini and Nicole Santinelli is over. The first reaction that came was that of the tronista’s cousin who scolded Carlo Alberto live on Instagram. Then the suspension of former suitor Christian Di Carlo.

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Nicole Santinelli and Carlo Alberto Mancini have broken up. The decision to end this relationship appears to have been made by tronista. Carlo Alberto selected in the program men and women, she called on everyone not to protest against her, because she was honest and therefore will always respect her. Although he said he was capable of making significant gestures of love, at the moment he didn’t think it would be worthwhile to do something eye-catching to win her back. Furthermore, he believes that some women do not like men like him who provide security. Meanwhile, the first reactions have arrived.

Cousin Nicole Santinelli scolds Carlo Alberto Mancini

Marco, Nicole Santinelli’s cousin, spoke during the live broadcast in which Carlo Alberto Mancini announced the separation. She scolded him, saying that a man who says he is sick is in no hurry to reveal the news of his relationship ending:

A sick person first thing he does is broadcast live on a social network? Carlo! A sick person sits for a moment, takes a glass of water, and thinks about what happened. Immediately live on social media?

And he continued in his speech: “The impression I had on this journey together, you and I, where you were close, where you spoke to me, knowing full well you were sick… Then I see you immediately on Instagram… If you feel so ill that you start talking after” Now on Instagram?. However, Carlo Alberto replied:We felt Marco, you know how you are. My intent was to say that they should not touch it. Then, you can disagree about the modalities“.

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Christian Di Carlo’s reaction

Meanwhile, shortly after Carlo Alberto Mancini announced the end of the relationship with Nicole Santinelli, the other protagonist of Men and Women was having his say on Instagram. Tronista’s suitor Christian Di Carlo commented as follows:If at the age of 35 I have to make a video announcing on air that I broke up with a girl, please tear me apartAnd to think that only a few days ago, the couple praised their love so much that they talked about cohabitation. For Verissimo, then, they seemed more in love than ever. In these hours the news of the separation.

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