The famous actress against Selvagia Lucarelli, a lawsuit is coming

The famous actress against Selvagia Lucarelli, a lawsuit is coming

Selvagia Lucarelli – Source: Photos by the Italian News Agency –

Is Selvagia Lucarelli in trouble again? She was attacked by a famous actress, so how will things end between them? The journalist is not new to these attacks, and her words are not always well received by everyone.

She is a well-known journalist and judge Dancing with the starsthe beautiful Selvagia Lucarelli, who with His words For his scathing articles, he received a lot of praise but also a lot of criticism. Most of the arguments we’ve had over the years have almost all happened Recipients From his words.

Lucarelli O Love or hatethere is not much to say, it must be said that it is doing its job and that freedom of expression and thought is still allowed, regardless of whether what is written is true or false and what those words then provoke, and Another story. This is why it is not surprising for a journalist to receive a new attack from someone Well-known actress. Here’s what happened.

Attack on Selvagia Lucarelli

Before we tell you what the focus of our article is, we need to do the following: Step backAs the actress’s words are based on a previous event that happened Dancing with the stars. After testing Ricky Tognazzi, Selvagia Lucarelli expressed her opinion. As it was logical to think, a difficult situation occurred between the two Question and AnswerThe juror said: “I don’t see much stimulation. Tonight you look weak and limp. Simona always appears in the clips. It seems to me that you are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome…”. After a moment of to hesitateTognazzi also responded: “I work hard during the week.. You are a professional provocateur, what is your job? You made me angry, your job is only to provoke, you are unpleasant…”

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Tognazzi’s wife later responded, Simona Ezzowho declared: “There are people who have received many complaints and perhaps need to be careful…”, to which Lucarelli replied: “Even the threats and the pizzini now… Simona Pizzo…”

A quarrel between Izzo and Lucarelli

Fight on Dancing with the Stars – Source: Instagram –

The hatred is not over yet

Of course everyone believes his claims, so it would be impossible to see any of the three parties involved doing so Front backThis war between them is likely to continue for a longer period. at present, Simona Ezzo She seems very angry with her Selvagia Lucarelli.

We understood this from his words issued a few days ago in: live the lifeTognazzi’s wife shed light on the incident that happened a few evenings ago Dancing with the stars. Here’s what she said: “I think she’s obsessed. Pizzo called me and she’s getting sued… I should have sued her years ago, I could have done that. But the past is the past. But ‘Pizzo’ means calling me a mafia member! I find that vulgarity in The use of nicknames is very ugly…” like It will end What do you think this story is?

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