“I don’t miss the kids and sometimes I cheat. But I’m not bad

“I don’t miss the kids and sometimes I cheat.  But I’m not bad

Warning – Francesca Fanani She’s so good at her job — the way she combines setting with rhythm and grit, she hasn’t been seen on TV for years — that it overshadows her success. monsterson Rai2, giving space to the voices given by the registered letter because for ten years she has been a companion to a tournament such as Henry Mintana, is nonsense worthy of the many keyboard lions that stir social networks. That said, for the version of the interview you’re about to read — hopefully to the end — Fagnani set one condition: No questions about Mentana. It’s not the best, but she certainly didn’t invent the rules of engagement. Sometimes they are accepted, sometimes they are not. In this case, a few days before the festival, it is appropriate.

Sanremo 2023, The Poohs and Tribute to D’Orazio in Episode One, Zelensky Regarding, Presenters: Everything We’ll See

Does he have to free himself from something?
“Yes, from the stress of always having to live up to what I do. But I was in high school: I wanted 60 at maturity, 110 with honors at graduation and so on. I am a perfectionist. Very fragrant.”

To whom do you owe the greatest thanks?
“Ley. They have always supported me, even when I chose Leyte, they are actually walking the path of unemployment.”

What is the most important meeting for you so far?
The Michelle Santoro episode. It gave my whole life a different direction. I went with him to the University of Journalism ».

How and when did you co-host the second evening of the festival?
Two days before Amadeus announced it for Viva Rai2! From Fiorello (last December 5, ed.). He texted me asking if we could talk. I immediately thought of Sanremo, but for a while I feared he was looking for me for I soliti ignoti. When he explained everything to me, I quickly accepted it.”

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Like her is a successful influencer and entrepreneur, Chiara Ferragni. Paula Iguno, a black and openly gay athlete who has suffered from prejudices of all kinds; and actress close to the LGBtq+ world, Chiara Franchini. Will you be at the festival in an intellectual class? Who did? or other?
Think, no, please. journalist. Of the three, I only know Chiara, who is kind and gentle.”

What is your favorite movie or series?
“She came to the monsters.”

Which role did you like the most?
“Many. I don’t remember…”.

What will he do in Ariston?
«I will be at the service of the festival. But no meetings have taken place yet, I think the focus will be on spontaneity. Jokes will be mine. I will live the experience… ».

Can he also sing or dance?
“I’m out of tune and I can’t move.”

Perhaps a speech along the lines of the committed and personal ones by Rola Jibril or Barbara Palombelli, your fellow festival mates in 2020 and 2021?
“I’m not going to ask for applause, but I’m going to do something that I feel is mine and that I care to say.”

These are miraculous things.
“I know it. In Rai they told me not to talk… On the other hand, Drusilla Foer advised me to think of someone at home who loves me. Honestly, I don’t think Sanremo will change my life. I live it as a tribute, and immediately after that I will return to my usual life ».

However, there will be a change: on February 21, “Belve” will return to Rai2 in prime time.
“That’s right. Boomerissima will last until February 14th, and then I’ll be there for five weeks.”

Do you have an agent now?
“No. I have a lawyer who is following up on contracts for me.”

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Have you been recognized on the street recently?
“A few, but certainly no crowds.”

In 2021 he delivered a monologue to hyenas on the issue of sexual harassment at work: Have you ever suffered?

Also, women’s wages are less than men’s: now how much do you earn?
“I do not complain”.

How much is your salary in Sanremo?
“How ugly it is to talk about money.”

And why?
“I would also go to the festival for free.”

Will she do charity work like Chiara Ferragni, who will donate it all to Derry, Women Online Against Violence?
“It’s a nice gesture for you, but I grew up in a family that always gave everything they could all year long. My 85-year-old father went to the post office to pay the last bill a few days ago.”

What job did your father do?
“The army. It was part of the Vatican gendarmerie.”

What is the most frequent and annoying misunderstanding about you?
“When they say I’m bad. It’s not true. I hate prejudice.”

Biggest mistake you made?
«After I deprived myself of a quiet relationship with my mother (who passed away in 2015, ed.) and she neglected me a little. This applies to my father too. Work hard, the days fly by.”

The first thing you want to say to your mom right now?
“Did you see, mom?”

Is it for the politically correct?
“for nothing”.

Did you give up maternity leave for a specific reason?
“Nobody. It didn’t happen, and I don’t miss it and I think we can be happy even without kids.”

Is it google named on the web?
No, but on social networks I read what people say about me.

Dumbest thing you do on the internet?
“Before I go to sleep, when I’m stressed, I look at Fatto’s recipes at casa da Benedetta on Instagram: she hypnotizes me like a mantra.”

Since he talked about going to bed, a recent study by American professor Terry Fisher of Ohio University says that men think about sex 18 times a day and women 10: she?
“I am average. Are you suggesting I watch porn?”

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I will never allow myself. If anything, the practices of the past.
“Of course (laughs), but I only look at recipes when I’m feeling down, and they’re much better than tavor.”

Have you left yet or left?
“I’ve given up more.”

Did he betray many?
“I’m not a serial cheater, but I can’t say I’ve ever done that. I’m no saint.”

Have they asked you to marry before?
“A few times, but I ran away. I don’t believe in love forever.”

If there is a stir in Sanremo and they offer everything in the world of entertainment: what does it do, would you accept? After all, journalists are capable of anything …
They already offered it to me and I declined. Surely, better than throwing yourself into politics … ”.

What did he say no?
“You don’t say.”

Will “Dancing With the Stars” do that?
«No, even if I like it. I am a journalist and certain choices will take away my strength from what I like to do most.”

Was Luisella Costamagna, who won this year, wrong to ride?
“No. Investigations were not conducted, they were conducted in the studio.”

What do you think of Giovanna Civitello, wife of Amadeus, who will be the ‘Vita in Direct’ correspondent again this year at the festival?
“I don’t know her. If she’s good, then it’s right that she works, regardless of her husband. Television does not betray: without talent, you don’t go anywhere.

If you think about the Ariston stage, what scares you the most?
Emotion management. And like everyone else, they fall down the stairs.

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