“You don’t have to do Wonder Woman”: Samantha De Grenet with plasters after surgery

“You don’t have to do Wonder Woman”: Samantha De Grenet with plasters after surgery

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Samantha De Grenet shows herself without filters after undergoing the necessary removal that changed her face. Here she is with Band-Aids after her surgery, as she claimed, you can’t always be as strong as Wonder Woman.

Samantha de Grenet It shows itself imperfectly, with i Post-operative plasters To send a message to everyone protection. Circumcision was necessary, but not everyone was so lucky.

In his veins flows “blue blood”

Samantha de Grenet is single TV presenter, showgirl and former model Italian, born in Rome in 1970. De Grenier descends from one Noble family Franco Neapolitan, who conferred on her the noble title. He started working in the field Fashion at 14Several years later, he began to “hang around” inside TV world. She has been an Actress, Host, Reporter, Contestant etc., on many notable shows.

As for his private life, he had several stories with illustrious names, even the engineer Luca Barbatoher current husband and the father of her child, Brando Barbatos.

Prevention is important

The well-known broadcaster, Samantha de Grenet, lived a Really very difficult period regarding his health. I started withRemove this mole On her forehead that was almost her signature, a few years ago, not to mention her recent breast cancer.

Hoping to help her followers, De Grenet continues to support her Prevention is important. And so he recalled the episode of his operation on this mole that would have become something dangerous and the mysterious story, for those not part of his family, of how he discovered it. Here is one Small excerpts From that letter:

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“Oh my God, how many stories behind the removal of a mole that was there 48 years ago, you will tell! And you’re not even wrong… I don’t even know how to explain it to you because I have to say a lot and not the time, but yesterday, and I’m not talking about the mole , represents in my soul, in my conscience a “passage” … You can’t always pretend to be Wonder Woman, you can no longer hide behind a smile or even hide behind a frown or whim to avoid serious confrontation, on the contrary you have to project a new strength, a special determination It tells you that the solution is always there, or almost always, just believe it and I want it…”.

After showing herself with these “symbolic” plasters after the first operation, she recently talked about the ordeal she went through due to breast cancer. There is still a long way to go out of the nightmare, but he finally learned it love your self Even with this new look and to be grateful to her parents, husband and son for the support they never let her down, even in the darkest moments.

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