Goodbye Paolo Bonolis, now it seems there is nothing to do: he can no longer reply | is over

Goodbye Paolo Bonolis, now it seems there is nothing to do: he can no longer reply |  is over
Paolo Bonolis – Beeline 24

Paolo Bonolis is one of the leading TV presenters on the Mediaset schedule. Thanks to a successful collaboration with his wife and casting director Sonia Bruganelli, he’s managed to put together some truly beloved TV formats. However, something very frustrating happened to the broadcaster. It seems there is nothing to be done…

Paolo Bonolis has been married for over 25 years to Sonia Broganelli They have three children together. Recently, the woman said she was considering living in two separate homes.

During an interview, the host said, “My wife and I couldn’t be more different. We are arranging to live in separate homes. She wants to be more at peace with some of the kidsI’m with others. The apartment is the same, there is a pit and a bedroom there.

Then he added, “We’ve been together for 25 years. We’re great together, having fun, laughing, joking around. But there’s a need for her to be her and me. More than her.” And to his credit, he understood that a little extra distance is actually a more stable rapprochement“.

Now something really definitive is happening, Paolo Bonolis can’t do anything more…

Paolo Bonolis could no longer respond: it’s over

Paolo Bonolis is definitely one of Mediaset’s most likable TV hostsThanks to his sympathy and insolence. His programs give Italians a bit of flexibility, in a not entirely happy moment on an economic and social level. But, The formulas proposed by Paolo Bonolis were not without criticism, even the most severe. In fact, your content is often defined as spam or garbage TV, due to the anti-cultural contents it presents. One of them also accused him of making excessive mockery of guests and competitors. Taking advantage of the poor’s desire for fame.

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paolo-bonolis-can't-make it-anymore-Lineadiretta24
Paolo Bonolis – Beeline 24

Regarding his telecast, the husband of the maestro, Sonia Broganelli, replied: “Some of the productions I made I’m not pettyBut they are entertaining stories about surrealism that we live in every day and are devoid of hypocrisy. We often encounter television that knows how to be hypocritical, when something is not hypocritical, it is viewed with suspicion. Hello Darwin is not a throwaway product, but it tells the story of trashWhat we all live by pretending to be an understood reality.

However, despite the conductor’s efforts, He could no longer reply. In fact, he had been losing it for years Quota comparison with the Legacy program conducted by Amadeus. At the moment it seems there is nothing left to do and despite trying and trying to modernize the format, he still lost miserably against the San Remo manager. It remains only to see the future developments of other Avanti companies and understand if they are Mediaset It will decide whether to replace the transmission with another one.

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