“Big Brother Vibe”, Patrizia leaves the house

“Big Brother Vibe”, Patrizia leaves the house

the ring – Alfonso Signorini greets the audience in the first episode of 2023. There are many themes in this appointment: Antonella Fiordelesi and Eduardo Donamaria have broken up while the friendship between Wilma Goesch and Patrizia Rossetti seems to be over. Waiting to see who will be eliminated between Nikita Pelizon, Oriana Marzoli, Sara Altobello and Wilma Goesch. Meanwhile, Antonino Spinalbis is at the Paedia clinic in Rome for clinical examinations, which were released on New Year’s Eve due to a health issue: “I had a great time, I took some time from home.”

Donalese crisis – Antonella and Eduardo broke up again. “You didn’t have New Year’s Eve, I’m having a hard time remembering the good days I had here.” The rift between the two began when tension flared due to Antonella’s prank against Tavasi and Mikol. From there, a series of crossover matches began, including the match with Oriana, where Fiordelesi was the protagonist. Antonella does not want to talk to Oriana while the latter accuses her of trying to get her into a fight with Sara. Tavasi intervenes, who accuses her of polluting the environment by calling her “malicious”, quoting Harry Potter. Eduardo says he is tired of watching his girlfriend’s argumentative nature, while the swordsman does not accept her boyfriend’s changes: “She laughs and jokes with the people who offended me.” Antonella considers the story with Eduardo closed forever: “For me, when someone doesn’t respect me, it’s over.” He also attacks the boy because he laughed when Oriana “touched his little gun”. Eduardo hoped “that Antonella, watching a clip, would realize that she was wrong about at least one thing, and not about everything, and would apologize to me”. Signorini summons the two rivals in Mystery, while they continue to argue with each other. Here are some of the worst statements one has made about the other, Eduardo, in particular, justifies his bad words by saying that the anger he feels is just too much. “Is there a future yes or no?” the conductor asks. It’s over for both: Absolutely not from Antonella. Eduardo, on the other hand, is more optimistic.

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Frictions between Patricia and Wilma – Another couple, friends Patrizia Rossetti and Wilma Goish, divorced. The crisis began when Goish, claiming that the other was always in the kitchen, scolded and cursed everyone. Patricia Rossetti wants to leave the game. “I don’t feel well. I have pains in my body, in my legs. There seems to be an infection. I’m sorry I can’t even be active at home. I haven’t been able to sleep for three nights. I have stomach and head pains.” Signorini tries to persuade her: “To get off that train now is a pity, I’m not just saying it to us, I wanted to suggest you a week’s vacation, but if you don’t feel like it, I don’t feel like insisting.” But Patrizia She chose: “I’m going to Alfonso, I don’t feel right even talking I feel pain, maybe it’s ridiculous but I want to understand what’s going on”.

Onestini is at the center of controversy Onestini is often at the center of various discussions. After what happened between him and Nikita, there are those who take his side and those who, on the other hand, believe her word. “Lucca obviously rides through many states of emotion because he’s such a master at the game,” says Antonino. Nikita herself is convinced: “He is competitive, he says, he came here to win. Then he said that he also wants to live, good for him. “I agree with Antonino,” notes Soule, “in part, Onestini plays his game really well and I’m glad they realized that at home, too.”

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THE CLASH BETWEEN ONESTINI AND SOLEIL – Only between Luca and Sully there is bad blood. Years ago, Sully and Luka were engaged, but during the boy’s first participation in the reality show, Sully decided to leave him to embark on a new relationship. Luca arrives at the studio in an unprecedented face-to-face encounter. The confrontation arrives: Luca arrives in the studio face to face: “In all these years I have not uttered a single word about it,” stressing that, on the contrary, the columnist has often spoken ill of him. despite her being the one to end their relationship. “In 2017 I was with her and after two weeks at home she cheated on me with another,” Luca explains. Sully disagrees and accuses him of being a liar: “I left you because I discovered you, the one who betrayed you first is not me. I discovered thousands of things before I entered, so I said goodbye at some point.” Discussion breaks out and the tone rises.

eliminate – The audience has decided that the important person who has to leave the Big Brother house is Wilma. “I’m glad to be home,” says the singer. Danielle Dal Moro crying.

nomination It’s nomination time. Orita saves Jielle, and the Soleil Bretelli couple choose Nikita instead. Immunizers of the week are Onestini, Daniele, Micole and Antonella. Sarah nominates George. Davide chooses Oriana, and Eduardo, Alberto, Murgia, Giel, Daniel, and Oriana point out Dana. Then it is up to Attilio, who votes for Melina and Jorge instead of Davide. Tavassi, Luca, and Micol refer to Davide and Andrea instead of Murgia, and Milena chooses Andrea. Antonella and Nikita nominate Oriana. Dana, David and Oriana are in the running.

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Wilma returns – Wilma arrives at the studio after being eliminated. He opens the box and surprisingly returns home. The singer couldn’t be happier and, after jumping for joy and a salute, left the studio to cross the red door once more.

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