Disadvantages of screen printing – Diari de Terrassa

Disadvantages of screen printing – Diari de Terrassa

Some are out of place, others appear poorly made… and although they are not visible to the human eye, it is precisely these imperfections that give each piece a unique feel.

These are the 20 works that are part of the exhibition “Trial and error method”which these days is shown in the piano room of the Amics de les Arts café-bar.

They are the work of a graffiti artist Anna Taratelle (Terrassa, 1982) Who grew up artistically in Barcelona's street art scene (where he created his first graffiti under the name UFO).

He later moved to Amsterdam where he creates murals and installations in public spaces and receives commissions from major companies and brands. Participates in contemporary art exhibitions with famous galleries.

However, screen printing is not his usual tool. “The truth is that I don't do a lot of graphic work and now I feel like touching it,” Taratelle explains. They already have a screen printing machine in their Magneti studio. There, with two screens and overlapping transparent inks, they were able to achieve these visual effects in creative printing. “It's an attempt to bring generative art to screen printing,” Taratelle says. “Using mathematical rules as a guide, I experiment with ‘generative silkscreening’ of geometric elements and transparent, random colours. In effect, superimposed primary shapes and colors generate new combinations with every movement.”

Taratelle Exhibition at Friends of the Arts / Alberto Talon

“I reinterpret the experimental error method and invite you to embrace what is imperfect and singular; the beauty in the error testing of the essay. Part of my work starts from this method, where each form serves as a visual narrative, revealing the magic found in the techniques and materials of the creative process.”

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It is that the light, spaces and imperfect displacements of the method bring richness and uniqueness to the work.

All works are limited edition, vacuum-packed reproductions and constitute original artistic evidence of this creative process. They are for sale. In fact, he's already sold some, because these pre-royalty days are very suitable for making details like this. “I tried to set prices that were accessible, because sometimes artwork is more expensive for people’s pockets,” Taratelle explains.

Disadvantages of screen printing

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