Cecilia Rodriguez at Coachella attracts criticism … with shoes

Cecilia Rodriguez at Coachella attracts criticism … with shoes

fun trip to Cecilia Rodriguez. The influencer left for California to take part in the highly anticipated Coachella. The music festival, which takes place every year in Indio, attracts young people from all over the world. Many flock to the stage to dance to their favorite songs, others choose to come to the States … to show off: in fact, the costumes are the protagonists of the event. In terms of appearance, Rodriguez was not idle.

Valentine’s Day

Cecilia Rodriguez looks in California for Coachella
Both dressed and ready to go

What he is going through is a journey in the company Cecilia Rodriguez overseas. In fact Argentina accompanies his brother, Jeremiah Rodriguez and his fiancée, Deborah Togney (See the intimate photo together in the bathroom in the gallery.) Above all, with her in the California desert there Ignatius Moser. After the marriage proposal, which arrived in November 2022, rumors of a crisis began to circulate in February, and there was talk of a final break. Whether they fought or not, the two are sure to be more in love than ever. Among the magical lights of CoachellaCecilia and Ignazio don’t spare themselves in terms of effusion. He takes her in his arms, encircles her b-side, and she kisses him passionately: there is much love here, in defiance of gossip.

look like “family”

Cecilia Rodriguez looks in California for Coachella
Me Fui outfit

As mentioned, a Coachella You go to look at and Cecilia Rodriguez I adapted to the mood. At Indio, the model was almost exclusive to family brands. An entrepreneur in the world of fashion, Cecilia is the best testament to her collections. Suede effect bikini from I was (89 euros) It is perfect for this occasion. By the pool in Palm Springs, Rodriguez is a mermaid. Between sand and cactus, Argentina is perfect with its rustic Texan outfit Sonora shoes (825 euros)leather hat and bag fringed by Root Studio (650 euros). Another day, another look: For an evening party, the influencer chose a floral dress from her sister’s new brand Belin Rodriguez. dress up Mar de Margaritas (225 euros) Sensually envelops her perfect forms.

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Colorful in Los Angeles

Cecilia Rodriguez looks in California for Coachella
Neon pink on the beach

Before moving to the desert for a singing event, Cecilia Rodriguez However, he did spend a few days in Los Angeles. Here he was wearing suits Henomeneanother family line created with his brother, Jeremiah RodriguezAnd for his sister Belin Rodriguez. There is no shortage of color in the City of Angels look. On the beach, Cecilia chose shorts and a terry top. Instead, a green suit, consisting of a blazer skirt and pleats, was chosen for … jumping on the bed.


Cecilia Rodriguez looks in California for Coachella
I jump on the bed

To announce the countdown a Coachella Cecilia Rodriguez I decided to post a series of shots where he’s standing with a pair of sneakers Autry (220 euros), he enjoys jumping on the hotel’s clean quilt. A gesture that aroused the indignation of society. There are many negative comments. cNot even shoes on the bed, one for cleanliness, two out of respect for the cleaners – this picture is the perfect representation of the people I meet every day at the hotel… Money doesn’t get you gentlemen – do you feel good? You are not – I work in hotels and this photo is the purest expression of rudenessangry followers wrote. Find offensive images in the gallery…and all appearances of Rodriguez.

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