Online observatory and app for price comparison

Online observatory and app for price comparison

Almost 20 cents more with the new year. and the The scorpion for the year 2023 on prices Gas. An increase that would take approx +366 euros per year per family. This effect is due to the cancellation of the reduction in the excise duty on fuel, which has led to lower prices (also taking into account VAT).

Price hikes 2023, from petrol (+360 euros) to mortgages (+1,260): here are all the increases. Transport bite

Gasoline and how to save: the app to compare prices

Among the most used apps to check where you can save money Gasoline prices. Available for both systems iOS that android, allows you to learn in real time which vending machines are the most expensive and the cheapest. through one a map You can scroll in relation to your current location and rate the company of your choice. in full Free.

Portal «Osservaprezzi fuel prices»

Even the Ministry of Development has moved. On the outlet You can refer to “Osservaprezzi fuels” for the prices charged by operators for all fuels. In the event of non-compliance, the financial administrative fine, that can go from From 500 to 3000 euros.

Independent service stations

A viable alternative is the so-called “white pumps”. These are independent service stations (without logo) that can apply reasonable rates. To compare them, just access the site Enter the address where you want to know the costs.

Bus and metro fares are also rising

Not just gasoline. until the a ticket High bus fare. According to Assoutenti, in Naples it went from €1 to €1.20; In Milan, a ticket from January 9 costs € 2.20 (+ 20 cents). In Parma the increase is 10 cents with the cost of a one-way ticket going from €1.50 to €1.60. In Ferrara, buses range from €1.30 to €1.50, while in Foggia from next March a single ticket will cost €1 (+10 cents). to me RomeSo, from August 2023, the price will jump from the current €1.50 to €2, an increase of 33%.

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