Maria Clement, a finalist for the 7th Omnium Prize for Best Novel of the Year

Maria Clement, a finalist for the 7th Omnium Prize for Best Novel of the Year

Novels “At home we had the anthem” (other editorial)Written by Maria Clement, “The Master and the Monster” (anagram)written by Emma Monceaux, Anna “Once upon a time it was summer all night long” (males herpes)By Elisabet Riera, choose to win the seventh edition of the Omnium Prize for Best Novel of the Year, a published work award with a financial value of 25,000 euros (20,000 euros directly to the author and an additional 5,000 euros for promotion).

From a pre-selection of nine works, published between November 2022 and October 2023, an independent jury composed of Maggie Camps, Nos Real and Marta Pesarodonna, Tony Ponti and Marta Segarra selected the three finalists. The award will be awarded at the end of January.

omnium head, Xavier AncientAnd he confirmed that “The works of Clement, Monceau and Riera once again demonstrate the splendor and power of current Catalan literature.” And this year “I’m particularly proud to have three writers who chose it He endures– The award for the most financially enriching published work.”

“We need to continue working to give our literature a prestige and expand the scope of working with high-level authors who deserve to be finalists in the award that recognizes the best Catalan literature published every year.”he added Ancient.

Jury evaluation

The Omnium Prize jury decided to select the novel Maria Clement As one of the finalists for this year’s edition “To describe the relationship between women with complicity and family secrets capable of captivating the reader with doses of humor and lively language.”

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From the novel No DEmma MonceauJury value “Building a strong and unique character who clothes a complete narrative with a personal vision of post-war Catalonia.”

The jury determines the workElizabeth Riera com “A novel byon time A poetry that defends the voices of the troubadours and builds an initiatory journey.”

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