Belén about Domenica in: “De Martino betrayed and depressed. I will marry Elio”

Belén about Domenica in: “De Martino betrayed and depressed. I will marry Elio”

The showgirl said she was depressed all summer. He also mentioned his relationship with Marco Borello and talked about his future marriage to Elio Lorenzoni

Belen Rodriguez Mara Venere was the guest of Domenica In and she finally told everything that had happened to her in recent months. He gave a name to his problem: No depression. A disease that she admitted she had always underestimated, to the point that she couldn’t understand why people end up depressed, and she didn’t expect that she, who was so lucky in life, could fall into this nightmare. Instead it happened to her and it was the cause The end of her marriage to Stefano Di Martino. When the two got back together after a long separation during which she also gave birth to a daughter Antonino Spinalbez, according to Belen it’s as if it never started again, because only a month later she found out that he was cheating on her. In fact, she said:With Stefano Di Martino, the last time has not begun yet. “I was always there for everyone, never looked back, never pitied myself, and never participated in Black Friday.”

Belen Rodriguez is betrayed by Stefano Di Martino

Belen said: “Marriage in health and in sickness, I think I was always in good health, and then when the illness arrived, because depression is a great illness, and it is a very ugly monster, they did not know how to accompany me, I did not know how to hold my hand. I felt completely alone. A deep betrayal, in trust, a literal betrayalThen he specified: “It started with cheating a month later. I pretended nothing happened, because the marriage doesn’t end because of that. This is not the end of the matter. I also spoke to the ladies who immediately confessed to everything, they were very nice,” he joked. “I spoke to all of them, about ten, I got to 12, and then I stopped the phone bill…”

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Belin and the discovery of betrayal

Belén told how she discovered the infidelities: “I am a feminine sixth sense… I called and said ‘I am Belén’ and heard silence. I asked ‘I would like to know…’ and they said ‘I don’t want to be in the middle’.” And I say, “Then get out of the room…” Then he added: “Now I’m laughing, but at that moment I wasn’t laughing at all.”. Belen said she spoke with the girls DeMartino cheated on and added: “I found out what was wrong after a month and kept everything inside. He doesn’t know anything, he’s finding out nowAfter the last time she made herself feel it too.

Belin’s disease: depression

While the marriage to Stefano Di Martino ended, Belén fell into a state of depression“At first I thought how could someone neglect themselves in this way, and be able to erase themselves in this way.” But when it arrives, it arrives. I couldn’t breathe, I ended up weighing 49kg, and now I weigh 57. I didn’t get out of bed, I didn’t want to see the light anymore, and I didn’t open the windows. Then she decided to fight and open those windows for her. The light slowly returned.” He was already out of her life, working in Naples. While this ordeal began, she and Di Martino were officially still together, but she now says: “He didn’t know how to help me, and he didn’t know how to be a husbandThere was no wedding. If I see you falling, I will take your hand and pick you up. He didn’t do it because he didn’t love me.”

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Belén also said that she ended up in the clinic for twenty days, where she underwent treatment with the help of psychologists and went there of her own free will because she could no longer gain weight: “I looked at myself and said, “You’re dying.”. “And in a moment of clarity, I became aware and went to the clinic.” Then she said that when she felt better, she looked again at the photos she had posted on Instagram and deleted them and asked herself, “Did I really do that?” She added, “I didn’t love myself. I neglected myself.” She also confirmed that it was not Di Martino himself, but the way everything happened, she left him with a message, while he left him the previous time. She left with a message on WhatsApp, and Belén said several times: “I was no longer there, I felt ugly, and I was not On an equal footing. I was ugly, and there was no more light.’ But then she said that there was now, she was back.

He apologizes to his son and his family

After she recovered, Belen apologized to her family. Santiago saw her collapse “Two days ago, I apologized to him. To him and to my entire family, because I’m sorry. At home, I was an important pillar. Maybe no one expected to see me collapse like this,” Belen says.

New friend

Belen also talked about what’s new Her boyfriend, Elio Lorenzoni, whom she introduced as “Angel” and hinted that she could have children with him, as she wanted at least two more children. Mara Venier emphasized her partner’s attractiveness by pointing out the fact that the upcoming future children will be beautiful. Now Belén sees hers The future is ‘bright and full of awareness’. She said about him, “He is one of the most elegant and respectful people I have ever met. I met him 12 years ago, before anyone else. He was very respectful and I never loved him being so respectful.” He said that Elio had done for her what no one else had done, he had held her hand in her worst moments, when being around her wasn’t fun at all. It was her Always close as a friend in the darkest momentsShe even treated him badly so he understood that this is true love. “I’m not giving this up anymore,” he said. Regarding the engagement ring, he said that while they were going to the Maldives, she started asking him if he had prepared the ring. During a stop in Dubai, he found a symbolic ring and asked her to marry him And she said yes.

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Marco Borello

Belén also spoke for a few minutes about Marco Borello, who she was with before joining the teamFamous Island And he called it “Very good guy, I have great memories, I love him very much, we also saw each other recently. It ended because they all thought I was having an affair Rossano RubicundiBut that was not true at all.”

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