Douglas shocks Thomas. Brooke’s life is hanging on the line!

Douglas shocks Thomas.  Brooke’s life is hanging on the line!

Let’s find out about Advances of Beautiful for the episode of April 11, 2023. Episodes of Plots of the Soap broadcast on Canale5 tell us that Douglas will once again tell Thomas about the kiss between his grandmother and Santa Claus while Grace will watch Paris and Carter kiss. Meanwhile, Sheila is going to get dangerous!

In the bet to Beautiful broadcast theApril 11, 2023in 1.45 p.m on Channel 5And Thomas will be shocked give her Douglas words. the predecessor affiliateepisode there They reveal that LittleAfter returning with his father, He will not be able to keep his promise to Grandma and will return to reveal that she saw Grandma Brooke kissing Santa Claus. this time Thomas will want to go to the end. while Sheilacame out of her hiding place, Deacon will tell to have Listen to his entire conversation with Hope and that I understood that there had been a tumultuous evening between him and Logan. Carter I won’t come However, fortunately, Qibla flag. beauty instead of He will see Paris and Walton in intimate situations.

Douglas reveals everything to Thomas. Brooke in Trouble: Here’s the introduction to beauty

Brooke Douglas shut up But the little one It seems he doesn’t understand to Having to keep a secret We will not understand the seriousness of this. For a child to see his grandmother kissing Santa Claus is a very funny event that everyone should know, to laugh and be happy with. That’s why when she returns with her father, young Forrester He will return to tell the episode Wholeheartedly. Thomas this time He will hear it And he will understand that what his son tells him is not a fairy tale, but a truth that has been hidden for a long time.

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Sweet Peeks: Sheila comes out. He’s heard almost everything

Hope got it from Deacon there I promise not to tell Ridge anything Based on Brook protection. However, unfortunately, neither the girl nor her father knew that they were being spied on. Sheila was hiding Behind a fence, to hear what the two have to say. Once little Logan is gone, Carter will come out And she’ll tell Sharp she’s having fun Now aware of his wild evening with Brooke And Logan will be very satisfied. Fortunately for Hope and her family, Sheila may not have heard of the kiss And he still ignores the real reason why everyone is trying to protect the lady from the beauty.

Beautiful plots and previews: Grace sees Paris and Carter kissing

beauty He does everything for Convincing Paris to get back together with Zendy. According to the woman, Forrester is the perfect match for her daughter and she should not let him get away with it. The Doctor will do her best to push her second daughter into the arms of Forrester and will also try to ally with Carter, who seems to her to be a huge supporter of Zende. Unfortunately, he will have to change his mind when He will realize the truth. Grace will see Paris and Carter kiss And she will understand that her little daughter has another man in mind and that is why she distanced herself from Eric’s nephew. But not for long!

Let’s find out everything weekly progress to Jameel from 10 to 16 April 2023

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Beautiful broadcast on Channel 5And From Monday to Sunday in 1.45 p.m.

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