Festivals in Turin and Piedmont on 2/3/4 June 2023 (2 June 2023

Festivals in Turin and Piedmont on 2/3/4 June 2023 (2 June 2023

the Turin and Piedmont Festivals They came back to keep us company this first time, too The weekend in June 2023 With Republic Day that will allow many to take a longer weekend. To enrich these days of vacation, there are many food and wine events, markets, fairs, and parties in the various provinces of Piedmont. Below, you’ll find a practical reminder of the most interesting dates this long weekend 2, 3 and 4 June 2023.

Anchovies, mint, wine, cherries, oil and other foods and wine specialties of the region await you in Turin and in Piedmont villages rich in festivals, fairs, markets and other special events even in the first weekend of June 2023. Appointments in various Piedmont villages can also be an ideal opportunity to discover Turin surroundings Rich in history, arts and landscapes.

Festivals in Turin and Piedmont on 2/3/4 June 2023

Some events may be subject to changes in venues, dates and times due to inclement weather. For more information, before going there, check out the official event pages.

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dates): June 2, 2023-June 4, 2023
hours: 10am – 11pm
Opening hours vary by event

Turin and Piedmont
Turin – Turin

Varies by event

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