“RICONOSCIENZA”, the show that combines the music of Piero Sidoti and the science of Mauro Ferrari Wednesday, December 6 – Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine.

“RICONOSCIENZA”, the show that combines the music of Piero Sidoti and the science of Mauro Ferrari Wednesday, December 6 – Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine.

Less than a week until the show that makes music Piero Sidoti And he taught Mauro Ferrari


Wednesday, December 6 at the Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine

“Less than a week before the show”recognition, The show that combines the scientific knowledge of Mauro Ferrari with the music of Piero Sidoti, Which will be held on Wednesday December 6 in Udine at 8:30 p.m., at the Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine (via Trento, 4).

Mauro Ferrari,world famous scientist, Father of nanomedicineSinger and saxophonist W

Piero Sidotisongwriter Targa Tenco winnerAn actor and a math and science teacher come together on stage to present a show about science through music.

During the show I Invalidity They will discuss the latest scientific and pharmaceutical discoveries Mauro Ferrari And They will sing unreleased songs, written by Piero Sidoti himself, where the music and lyrics poetically echo Mauro’s scientific stories.

«Pierrot gave a poetic and musical voice to what I find most important in scientific research: why and how it is carried out, in the service of society and the people who need it most, guided by the desire to make the world a better place. Mauro Ferrari announces − The foundational emotion of science can and should be love. Who says you can’t say “love” when talking about science?».

Mauro will come out to him Deep love of life and scienceshown by A Permanent and missionary proximity to research And Through his music, Piero Sidoti will address scientific issues with lightness, irony and depth, conveying themes and messages aimed at everyone but with special attention to the younger generations.

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«I think the peculiarity of this show is precisely the presence on stage of Mauro, a true champion of scientific research whose knowledge goes beyond scientific publishing alone. says Piero Sidoti I wrote these songs in reference to my degree in biology, but above all because I wanted to amplify the lyricism of scientific singing, because when Mauro talks about science, he is actually talking to you about love.».

Along with Mauro Ferrari (vocals and saxophone) and Piero Sidoti (guitar and vocals) there will be four other exceptional musicians on stage: Fulvio Pigozzi Ferrari (piano and musical direction), Tommy Graziani (drums), Maximum Marches (guitars) e Dario Faizani (deep voice).

The show is directed by pee Parisuto,Musical direction is by Fulvio Pigozzi Ferrari And its lightweight design Ivan Portholes. And so is the dancer Sylvia Cernica During the show He will dance to some songs.

This event is promoted through “Mauro Ferrari and Family Foundation” Supported by Friuli Venezia Giulia region, Promo Turismo FVGIn cooperation with Municipality of Udine, Federsanità ANCI FVG and the Brunello and Federica Cucinelli Foundation. Sponsor of the evening Udine Bank.

the “Mauro Ferrari and Family Foundation“Inside the theater a platform will be prepared for Fundraising (Free presentation) for the benefit of the association.”our familyThe FVG Center deals, through care and scientific research, with the functional recovery of people mainly of developmental age. for more information: https://www.fondazionemauroferrariefamiglia.org/eventi.

Mauro Ferrari He is President and CEO of BrYet US Pharmaceuticals, a Professor of Pharmacy at the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, and a member of the Board of Directors of Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals, responsible for scientific programs. He graduated in mathematics from the University of Padua, received his master’s and doctoral degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, studied medicine at Ohio State University and is recognized as a pioneer in nanomedicine and tumor physics in transportation.

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He is the inventor of more than 50 patents in the United States of America and around the world, and has received many prizes and prizes in the field of science around the world and in Italy he is a foreign member of the National Academy of Sciences.Forties Academy“Correspondent of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Appointed by Pope Francis. for him Civil commitment He has been honored with multiple awards, including a Guido Carli Medal and nomination To knighthood and thus knightly officer of the Italian Republic. He is active in the world of creative arts, and is credited with that Blues and jazz records As a singer and saxophone player, and his commitments in the world of cinema and theatrical performances.

Piero Sidoti After graduating in biological sciences he started working as Teacher Mathematics and science, a profession that he continues today in parallel with his career Singer, songwriter and actor.

In 2010 the first album “Unexpected people“(Produzioni Fuorivia / Egea) with An introduction by Lucio Dalla, with whom he also sang some evenings. The album wins Tinco license plate“As best first workwhich was followed by other awards such as “Moret d’Or Prize“, the “Pino Perras Award“As well as the distribution of the album in France. The album also features the actor Giuseppe Battiston With whom Sidoti has collaborated for years, bringing several shows to theaters, including “grainsWritten, performed and directed by award-winning Giuseppe Battiston.Jaber Award“.

In 2017 Sidoti released the album “no no no“And in 2022”Love – until proven otherwiseHe wrote the theatrical performance of the same name about the latter.

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In fact, Piero Sidoti also deals with children’s theater and has for several years participated with his students in numerous events, in addition to the one he created in 2017.”Ten plus – communication paths between teaching and the stage“, which was joined by many artists such as Simone Cressici, Giuseppe Battiston, Matteo Oliotto, Babbo and Marina Masseroni.

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