Alberto Castagna, your daughter is an incredible thing! Did you see how it is now?

Alberto Castagna, your daughter is an incredible thing!  Did you see how it is now?

The daughter of the late Alberto Castagna has become a gorgeous young woman, that’s how she is now.

One of the greatest programs in the history of our television is the late broadcaster and journalist Alberto Castagna died very early, To this day, he still feels a heavy loss, and television has been severely affected.

Alberto started working on TG2 TV initially as a reporter and then as a special correspondent, but his undisputed talent as a host led him to want to expand his horizons.

In the beginning came the fame Connecting the Iatti tua . formatbut later became the head of one of the most successful programs of the nineties, Strangelove, his charisma, his sympathy, being always courteous, kind, and polite They made him sympathize with his fans instantly She still thinks of him today with a terrible swelling in her throat.

Unfortunately, Alberto left us in 2005 at the age of 59Due to a brain hemorrhage, the news shocked everyone, his sudden death was a devastating moment for the entertainment world, Friends and colleagues were skeptical And messages of condolence to the family did not stop, In addition, he also left a daughter, Carolina Which at that time was still small, a real tragedy.

Alberto Castagna is still missed by many today, But if you look at her daughter, who is now a young and beautiful woman, you will find much from her father.

Alberto Castagna’s daughter has become beautiful!

The nineties were a real triumph of successes for Alberto Castagna, his career at the top of the highest peak and In 1993 he also won the Telegatto Award as Male Character of the Yeara man who has devoted his life to work and his family, we know that in 1994 he married dermatologist Maria Concetta Romano, out of their great love comes their daughter Carolina, but something breaks very soon between two years.

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In fact, just a year after their fateful yes, the two leave because he started a relationship with actress Francesca Ritondini.

Alberto Castagna

But how did it become Carolina?

Perhaps not everyone has followed the growth of Alberto Castagna’s daughter, But today Carolina, born in 1992, has a truly breathtaking beautyThe young woman lives and works in Rome and is a perfect blend between two parents who have always been especially wonderful, and the young woman has acquired many of her father’s traits, The unforgettable gorgeous eyes and that shy, delicate smile.

Alberto Castagna

Carolina did not embark on the profession of her father, on the contrary, she is a very conservative person and does not like the spotlight, She decided to study medicine and wasn’t interested in becoming famous Or he tried to use his family’s notoriety to become an influencer, even if he had all the credentials to do so.

Alberto Castagna

Carolina has very clear ideas and is ready to continue her way, but she also has an Instagram profile where we can see her in all her beauty in simple snapshots of everyday life.

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