Beijing Winter Olympics: Biathlon, Hoover, XIV-4: Gold to Fionn Millet

The blue regains its position after position but ends at the foot of the podium after a long and exhausting race to Russia’s Latypov

By our correspondent Paolo Marabini

The great Lucas Hofer made Italy dream of biathlon, losing the podium for 15″ 8 in a 12.5 km chase that saw in Zhangjiakou the victory of French Quentin Fillon Mallet and the unexpected collapse of the favourite, Norwegian Johannes Boe, who began to be able to manage a 25 inch advantage over Transalpine line but paid for a day to forget about shooting.

What a comeback!

The 32-year-old from South Tyrol was exceptional, starting from 14th in the sprint at 1’19” 2 from Johannes Poe, and eventually, with a pure test at the four stops at the shooting range, climbed 10 Stunning in his pocket and returning the best result of his career, he won the bronze medals in Sochi and Pyeongchang with the mixed relay show, as well as the individual bronze at the 2011 World Cup in the group start.


The gold medal went to France’s Quentin Villon Mallet, already winner of the individual opening 20 km, who was also able to take advantage of accuracy on the shooting range and ultimately leave the oldest of the Boy brothers, Targée, at 28″6. Bronze the day before the race. The third was Russia’s Edward Latypov, trailed by 35″ 3″, while Johannes Poe paid the price for a disastrous shooting day: but despite his seven fouls, he managed to finish fifth again, even at 2’13” 7.

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