LIVE MN – Potter: “San Siro? Can’t wait, we’ve already seen their encouragement here…”

LIVE MN – Potter: “San Siro? Can’t wait, we’ve already seen their encouragement here…”

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Graham Potter, the Chelsea coach, expressed himself as follows in the press conference following the Milan conference:

How do you rate the success against Milan?
“The team played really well, we finished with the clean sheet, we did really well this week too. Really good start.”

What does this race mean to you?
“I am the Chelsea coach, I have to prepare well for the matches and we need to focus. Chelsea – Milan is a great match and winning was more than that. Now we have to recover and prepare for the second leg on Tuesday.”

Is James leading the competition in the national team with Alexander Arnold?
“He is an amazing player, he is constantly improving. I am happy to work with him, he can play every game in the world and I have to take him to his best potential. He can become a legend at Chelsea, but to do that he has to win.”

Fofana injury?
“We don’t know yet, but that’s the only negative thing this evening. There is anxiety, but we have to wait for the exams.”

Is there really something different about Tuchel?
“We worked really well, the players responded well to my methods and I am impressed with the way they play and the honesty with which they work. To remind them that they can play at the level applied today.”

Back to San Siro?
“We can’t wait. It’s a great stadium, we’ve already seen their support here and we have to be ready because it’s going to be a very complicated match.”

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