February 4, 2023

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Juventus, Di Maria and Paredes are back. Bonucci’s salutation: “Welcome, heroes”

Maria And the Paredes They arrived at Turin. Argentines from JuventusThe new world champions in Qatar are ready Reassemble for a group Funwhich will continue during the day drills In Continassa due to the resumption of the championship that will see them participate in the first leg against them Cremona. Midfielder and playmaker should do that victory the fansI am considered moodiness through social media for them come back in late compared to his teammates in the national team. to try to appease controversy think about it Fun After the friendly match against Standard Liège“We agreed like this in case someone wins the World Cup here.” Juventus coach confirmed.

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Juventus, Di Maria and Paredes struggle in Contassa after the World Cup triumph

Di Maria and Paredes, welcome Bonucci

We made sure to welcome Di Maria and Paredes bonucci. Posted by Captain A.I Photo On his Instagram profile where he poses with his teammates: “Welcome back heroes” – the Message From No. 19 black and white which is a lot happy To finally find the argentinians. Angel answered Bonucci with a heart red.

Juventus tweet

There is, too Juventus Di Maria and Paredes welcomed: “There are world champions in Kontasa” – He reads the tweet posted by Juventus FC.

Juventus, the Argentines and the Allegri plan

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Juventus, the Argentines and the Allegri plan

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