Codacons accuse Iliad: ‘Ultra broadband display is misleading’

A few days after the launch of Iliad’s first ultra-wideband offering, Codacons asked Antitrust and Agcom to penalize the French company.

Having made its mark in the mobile phone market in Italy, now The Iliad also refers to fixed network. A few days ago, the premiere dedicated to Bel Paese was launched, with guaranteed fiber optics and at a very affordable price.

Codacons accused Iliad of misleading communication regarding the new stable network offering (Adobe Stock)

However, there is no shortage of accusations. the codacon Information provided to consumers was deemed misleading, both as to limitations and contract term. Without forgetting the guaranteed speed of 5 Gbps. and asked Ante Trust and Agcom To intervene and punish the French company.

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The Iliad is accused by the Codacoons, what’s going on

Iliad codes 20220212
The reasons for the complaint and the response provided by the French company (Unsplash)

With a complaint, the codacon Apply to Antitrust and Agcom for sanctions The Iliad and display its fixed network. “There is clearly some rather important information omitted, which the consumer doesn’t care about since the “forever” and “without limitation” claim has drawn them in.It has been read in the document: “The offer only covers the monthly fee, not the add-on and technical features like speed or capacity. Moreover, the offer is provided in perpetuity provided that the mobile SIM and payment method remain active as well“.

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Another point that the company focused on is Unrestricted Hypothesis:There are already limitations. First of all, the SIM card of the Iliad must always be active, and then the consumer is obliged to pay for both services using the automatic payment tool.” Let her continue codacon. There’s also something for the 5Gbps connection speed and for instant streaming on major media.

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as a response, The Iliad published a note Where he makes it clear that he has always had: “Communicate clearly and transparently with our clients. We collect any ideas we consider useful to improve them“.

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