Moto2, World Champion Remy Gardner. In Valencia, Raul Fernandez won, but this is not enough

The Australian son of Art is a world champion like his father, the King of the 500 in 1987: 10th place in a very wise race that earned him the crown. His teammate wins against Di Giannatonio, but loses by only 4 points

Father’s name. Remy Gardner is the 2021 Moto2 World Champion, following in the footsteps of his father, the famous Wayne, who won the 1987500 race with Honda. The young Australian, in the last race in Valencia, needs only a tenth place in the Grand Prix won by teammate Raul Fernandez, and he is the only one who can undermine him. The race was stopped with a red flag after the first start due to a collision between Bezzecchi, Vierge and Baldsassarri and restarted at a short distance: at the finish line, ahead of Raul Fernandez de Giannantonio and Augusto Fernandez, but a bitter success. Bubbles are all for Gardner.


Raul Fernandez, called to a near-impossible feat, to win and hope Gardner does worse than 13th, does it while the Australian has the ‘little arm’ and floats throughout the race in the middle of the group in a precarious position. However, the last 10th place is enough for him: the crown is his, and his teammate is defeated by only 4 points.

Profile personly

Remy Gardner, who made his world debut in 2014 in the San Marino Moto3GP, has been in Moto2 since 2016, taking first podiums in 2019, second in Argentina, and his first win last year in Portugal. Now the middle class title comes with 5 wins, 3 less than Raul Fernandez, who pushed in terms of consistency.

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Initially, Pullman Simon Corsi took the lead with MV in front of Raul Fernandez and Di Giannantonio, but the incident between Besicchi, Verg and Baldassarri required a stop. It starts again at 16 laps with the original grid positions, but Corsi noisily stops in the pits after the formation lap:ku even before the traffic lights go out. Augusto Fernandez thanked him and ran well at the start, before passing by Raul Fernandez, who played his last chance to win the title with Gardner approaching 10th place. A few laps and Di Ginantonio takes the lead, indirectly helping Gardner’s world championship plans, very cautiously. Raul Fernandez, however, returned to the lead and held onto the finish line, ahead of Diggia and Augusto Fernandez. A good fourth place for Celestino Vietti, ahead of Canet and Vierge. Moreover, at ten, Remy Gardner celebrates. His father Wayne (below) also takes him off and hugs him.

GP Valencia Moto2, Arriving Arrange

Here’s the order of arrival for the Moto2 race in Valencia (top ten)

1. R. Fernandez
2. By GianAntonio +0.517
3. A. Fernandez +0.786.40
4. Spent +2.393.2007
5. Kanye +4.978
6. Virgo +5,091.0000
7. Lowest price +5.415
8. Navarro +5.808
9. Schrotter +7941
10. Gardner +9.112.2007

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