Roma, that's why Mourinho is angry with Massimo Mauro | Primabagina

Roma, that's why Mourinho is angry with Massimo Mauro |  Primabagina
Jose Mourinho vs Massimo Mauro. The Portuguese coach of Roma raises an issue with the former Juventus and Napoli player, who now works as a TV commentator We are Mediaset. Last night that Special one He told Canale 5 after the 2-1 win over Cremonese in the Italian Cup: “No Massimo Mauro in the studio? Too bad… We need to respect the difficulties we face. What did you want to tell him? For a former footballer, disrespecting people who eat from the same plate as him, which is us, is bad form. There are commentators and commentators. When I look at a commentator who has been a coach or a player, I always think he understands who is eating from the same plate as him as well. It seems to me that he is still eating from this plate, he will come there for the money as well as for his beautiful face.”

Criminal phrases – Mourinho couldn't understand the commentary on TV the pressure After Rome-Naples 2-0 last December 23, when Mauro said: “A fair result, it was a very difficult match for the referee because the players behaved in a questionable manner to say the least. The strikers made the difference: Kafara and Osimhen performed poorly, and Lukaku and Belotti performed well, which I liked. At least there was some competition. Napoli would have had no difficulties last year against this Roma team. If provoking opponents is a strategy, in my opinion, it is unsportsmanlike. In fact, Mourinho criticized Kafara for causing his downfall, but he should tell his players that first. Zalewski remained on the ground for a minute and looked like he would have to go to the hospitalWith all the cameras out there today, players have to stop because they leave a bad impression. In this case I understand that a referee, clearly conditioned and in difficulty, can make mistakes and lose his mind. The second yellow card for Osimhen was not there, in fact it was not a violation, in England they started laughing.”

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