Baleària, a company with local roots and historical sales

Baleària, a company with local roots and historical sales

Baleària is a company true to its local roots and shows its economic muscle year after year. The shipping company, run by its president and largest shareholder, Adolfo Autor, is based in Denia, the capital of the Marina Alta region, in a town that serves as a link to the Valencian region between the capital, Valencia and the city. Alicante. However, from this historic city, it has shown an undeniable desire for international expansion, to the point of becoming a leader in the sector.

Its economic strength was demonstrated in the sustainability report it presented on Thursday in Denia. The shipping company got one, and not without reason Record sales volume of 652 million euros In 2023, that is 15% more than the previous year. Total operating profit, known as Ebitda in economic jargon, was €117 million. This increase represents a 16% decrease compared to the previous year's historical practice. “These figures show the solvency and strength of Baleària's business model,” said the company's president and largest shareholder.

The result for the year was 40 million euros, “a very positive figure despite the extraordinary costs driven by the expansion of the company with the opening of new lines and the strong increase in financial expenses,” according to the business head of the shipping company. He made it clear. with 35 boats on propertyWith a presence in six countries and 25 routes developed, passenger transportation is the business area that accounts for the largest portion of sales volume. Not without reason, it represents 59%. As for the transportation of goods, it represents 36%. 5% corresponds to other economic activities.

Baleària, despite its international expansion, has the main source of its turnover in Spain, accounting for 75% of this. Despite the increasing competition, as the head of the shipping company pointed out, the company has maintained its leadership in the Balearic Islands market, where it leads the business of transporting passengers and goods. This leadership has been coupled with growth in other markets.

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The shipping company transported 5,242,000 passengers in 2023. 79% of passengers come from Spain, the Balearic route represents 50%, Ceuta represents 21%, Melilla 7%, and the Canary Islands 1%. 21% of transferees are of international origin. In the case of transportation by vehicle, Balearic Islands They represent 52% of the total 1,375,000 vehicles transported. The Ceuta region represents 18%, Melilla 6%, and the Canary Islands 2%, while cars of international origin represent 22%.

Passenger transport volumes increased by 14% compared to the previous year and vehicle transport saw an 18% increase compared to fiscal 2022. “We want to continue to be the main Spanish freight company,” Utor expressed. The company's goal and with reference to the guarantees and support policies of shipping companies in the rest of the European Union countries. He explained: “We are not asking for lost money, but rather for guarantees.”

Print Presentation of Baleària results with the president of the shipping company, Adolfo Autor, in the center of the table| Balaria

He added, “When talking about structuring the regions, maritime transport must be present in the general priorities,” highlighting that “North Africa is the market in which they intend to have a greater presence.” He added: “We will work with or without Donald Trump,” referring to the impact of the businessman's return to the White House, who is considered the main candidate to win, on the American company's business, especially on traffic in the Bahamas. The electoral race of the United States of America favors the Republicans.

The company's largest shareholder confirmed that Baleària has proven “its decisive role in the economic development of the regions in which we operate, as it transported 7.4 million linear meters, that is, an increase of 6% compared to the fiscal year 2022, thanks to the reliability and flexibility of its service.” Of this 7.4 million meters of cargo, 62% comes from the Balearic Islands, 29% from the international market, 5% from the Canary Islands, 2% from Ceuta, and another 2% from Melilla. Food represents 27% of goods Which they transferred and the group came in second place with 17%. 12% construction materials and 5% packaging.

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The challenge of environmental transformation

In addition to the economic and logistical figures that have allowed Baleària to reach a historic figure in terms of sales volume, the president of the shipping company also revealed his commitment to sustainable mobility. “Besides celebrating our 25th anniversary, last year we achieved other milestones such as the integration of two electric-propelled ferries. This commitment to environmental efficiency in the maritime sector has allowed us to be the first Spanish shipping company to receive this prestigious label in 2023.” Europe marine green“, detailed.

Baleària invested €113 million in the previous financial year in construction, acquisitions, improvements in fleet sustainability and the digitalization of key processes, an 85% increase on the previous year. In fact, the shipping company is involved in nine projects with the participation of European funds that promote the transition to clean energies and improve digital connectivity. The company also has a ship that will start operating in June with twin engines, that is, “a versatile technology that allows sailing on different types of fuel, such as natural gas today or carbon-neutral renewable sources in the future,” he explained.

“Once we overcame the negative context of previous years, we increased the use of natural gas. This allowed us to stop emitting 28 thousand tons of carbon dioxide. Thanks to the increase in this capacity and other environmental efficiency measures of the fleet, tons of carbon dioxide decreased,” he noted. Carbon emitted per mile by 8%.” Baleària is committed Reducing carbon emissions to zero He stressed that “the year 2050, despite the complexity represented by this challenge,” pointed out that “the new European regulations to control emissions and ensure an effective reduction of the carbon footprint in maritime transport will have a major economic impact in 2024.” . From 2024, they will pay between 8 and 10 million euros for the broadcast rights.

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Register in occupation

Aside from the environmental challenges facing the company and the changes it has to face to save fuel, the shipping company reached a record employment number for the first time in 2023 with The workforce is 2500 workers In peak season. Coming from 62 nationalities, 10% more than the previous fiscal year. 94% of the company's direct employees in Spain are permanent. “The number of women in the workforce has increased by 27%. Balearia also has 80 women in leadership positions,” he noted.

The Balearic market is crucial to the economic activity of Dénia Shipping European Press.

“We have highly skilled and motivated teams, which are the engine of our company. We are committed to attracting and retaining the best talent, and providing them with strong career opportunities,” said the shipping company’s president. Social cash flow With a value of 730 million euros. It must be remembered that 77% of suppliers are local and that the Baleària Foundation has carried out 280 activities in the social, environmental, sporting and cultural fields. The latter, for example, highlights 39 exhibitions of more than 300 artists, which attracted more than 33,000 visitors,” he said, speaking of the social commitment of a company that maintains its local roots.

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