Fiat Aventura, Punto becomes a crossover: no one knew about this model

Fiat Aventura, Punto becomes a crossover: no one knew about this model

In such a delicate moment that we live – on all levels and fields – on a purely economic level, even the automotive sector is suffering: however, there are giants, like Fiat, who know how to get around.

Venture into a market that, despite structural difficulties, remains to be explored: the ability to propose new ideas, new sap, new models. After all, the story speaks for itself. there fiat, It has always been one a guarantee.

It is his choice to always be at the forefront and, if possible, to renew and improve according to the perceptions of the moment, the market and the realities experienced by the customer.I Fiat comprehensive column.

And it is certainly no coincidence that the historic brand has always been seen in this way reference by others too competitors, At the same time it is the same Fiat Quite adventurous in challenges Fresh and suggestive.

Because, as a famous artist sang, if “there would be no adventure,” then, perhaps, for fiat, will be one venture. It means the new and final choice strategic in productive conditions Where the parent company was launched. this means?

Fiat Aventura: an “adventure” journey into tomorrow

Leaving today with some certainty And with foundations and shoulders well covered with the strength, tradition and security of a brand like Fiat represents the axis Important And also for those who are watching the arrival of the new car, namely the Fiat venture, as one of the following Blamed affiliate market.

What Fiat is aiming for is to grab those new segments of cars market which is still partially unexplored and cannot be left to competitors. So here’s the lucky idea: go on an adventure with venture, The vehicle it replaces -and features- a point and turns into a Crossing.

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Fiat – (Motorzoom)

The Fiat Aventura, the crossover that few know about

It can be said that, in fact, few people still know this turning point in Fiat: the venture However, it is one of the models that have been going straight for a while, and are reaping successes. And from 2014 Which, from its presentation, is full of cuteness.

Many remember that whole dayNew Delhi Exhibition 2014. Why was the show made there? Precisely for a crucial fundamental reason: which is Fiat venture Actually it was intendedIndia market. It’s the version Crossover SUV from Grand Puntowith restyling to enjoy.

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