Ferrari Purosangue: engine, price, performance, production and presentation

Ferrari Purosangue: engine, price, performance, production and presentation
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125 S from 1947, the first ever model with the brand Ferrari. Epic 250 GTO. Revolutionary Front of Fioravanti Daytona. Hedonism from Testarossa, ’80s emblem, F40’s brutality. The ground-breaking aerodynamics of the 360 ​​Modena. Enzo V12 engine with 110 hp / l. The radical innovations of the 458 Italia. We can go on for hours remembering the episodes, models, and moments in Cavallino’s history that marked her before and after the auto industry, technology, and culture. Choosing the most important one, or trying to answer the question that Ferrari is the most important of all, is as pointless as it is without a particular result. The only indisputable assumption is another one. This means that there will always be another car, a Maranello, capable of following a furrow. The next step is imminent. he is called genuine.

There is no need to call it Fuv. The fact that it’s Maranello’s first SUV is enough to explain just how big of a shock the Purosangue will release as it arrives. Well, the company has always rejected the acronym in its basic form, preferring the acronym “Fuv” (Ferrari SUV), to emphasize its difference with respect to the context of the populous and approved market. But there will be no need to use it. Because it will be enough to look at her, to understand that she is something special.

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Large V12 front. The choice to bet everything on the majesty of the V12 will be the result of producing super classic GT pedigree: the relationship between the first volume and the rest of the bodywork will remind you, not so little, of the GTC4 Lusso, with the cockpit all assembled on the rear axle. An essential extreme to simplify the majestic look. The Purosangue (which we’ve rebuilt in the designs featured on this page) will be the largest Ferrari ever: over five meters in length, over three wheelbases and weighing in at two tons. And that’s not surprising: the GTC4 was close to 1,800 kg, despite being shorter, lower and door fewer. Stylistic means to brighten the car serve the same purpose: the hood, fenders, headlight covers and wheel arches will be covered with air intakes and vents, not to mention the air bridge (reminiscent of the F12berlinetta) and the very prominent spoiler above. rear window. But tonight’s rumors speak of other unique solutions. Like the hood with the wind out and the rear doors – presumably – with the wardrobe open. Special effects that will continue in the cockpit: Four individual seats, a driving position inspired by the principles of “eyes on the road, hands on the wheel” with its heavy influence on the SF90 Stradale, and the idea of ​​a passenger screen with vehicle performance information reproduced here with two other screens for those in the back .

Polished frame. Driving dynamics also promises to characterize a car with a low center of gravity. Built on the new modular aluminum architecture announced by Maranello in 2018, the F175 project stands out from the Roma (first to adopt it) and from the futuristic V12 (the heir to the 812 Superfast) for many components, from the structural parts to the space frame (struts and airframe safety), Which has specific dimensions and torsional stiffness for the various forces and masses involved, even the suspension (it appears to be adjustable in height), and the presence of the rear steering axle, already adopted by the GTC4 Lusso .

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Prices and drivers: you’ll be on top. But let’s move on to the latest developments on the front of the engine: the plug-in hybrid seems to have definitely disappeared from the equation and the entire range could be focused on the V12. The unit, in the center front position, will be the 6.5-family F140, which has apparently been proposed in an unprecedented power step (820 hp), halfway between the 810s of Monza and the 830s of the 812 Competizione. Attached to the wheels is the eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox adopted by Ferrari’s latest cars, in the transmission housing for a better weight balance with the all-wheel drive system, perhaps the only one available in the range.

Top price list. Choosing to bet everything on the V12 will also affect the positioning. Which would be very high: rumors anticipate a list price of between 336 thousand euros for the 812 GTS and 430 thousand for the SF90. So we are talking about a competitor to Rolls-Royce Cullinan (368 thousand euros) and not the Urus (229 thousand). Information that we should be able to verify in a few months, if it is true that the launch is scheduled for the fall.

And developments… And then? Then who knows. Ferrari is said to be already working on a 100% electric model, ready by 2025, and on two other battery-powered SUVs (codenamed F244 and F245), which will exploit the same architecture and which could debut around 2025-26. . We’ll come back to it later: For now, let’s have fun waiting for Purosangue. That with what it will keep in the lid, it will live up to the name – very heavy – carry.

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