Mercadona helps you maintain your trendy 0% sugar drink line

Mercadona helps you maintain your trendy 0% sugar drink line

Although many only think of heavy doses of chocolate, sugar and delicious seafood, December is also a month to take care of yourself, especially in the face of Christmas indulgences. With this aim, Mercadona He threw a drink vegetarian Oats 0% sugar the situation. A product with which he wants to conquer those who care about their health and specifically seek to compensate for these injections of calories.

It is a drink Oats UHT which contains water ingredients, 8% oats, high oleic sunflower oil, stabilizer and salt. These ingredients make it an interesting product due to its nutritional content. It is also a product with a very low calorie contribution: 100 milliliters contain only 35 calories. The same amount of vegetable drink provides 1.4 grams of fat (of which only 0.2 is saturated), 0.5 grams of fiber, and 0.7 grams of protein. On the other hand, salt has a nominal presence, with a total of 0.10 grams which is barely noticeable on the palate.

Plant-based drinks have recently been positioned as an excellent alternative to traditional milk. Most customers choose it due to lactose intolerance or their desire not to consume products of animal origin.

These drinks support different forms of consumption. Really, what good is putting milk into? For example, they are eaten with coffee at breakfast, in smoothies, in bowls of oat flakes or cereal, etc. They are consumed by all types of customers, including people with lactose intolerance, milk allergy, vegetarian diets, etc.

Oatmeal drink

Regarding its price, we can find the drink per liter at a price of 0.80 cents per liter, that is, ten cents less than the specified price. In this way, the package of six is ​​also cheaper, with prices ranging from 5.40 to 4.80 euros. It's a good choice for those who want to take care of the line, as its ingredients are less processed and healthier.

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Mercadona manages to create a drink that tastes great and has no sugar

It was almost impossible to find an oat drink that was very low in sugars or did not contain them directly. By the way, sugar, even if not added, is noticeable in the flavor of this product which has a touch of sweetness. but now Mercadona I fired one Oats It can be sold as 0% sugar because that is the number that appears on the specific nutritional chart for sugars. nothing. Not a drop of tea.

Oats are an indispensable food in every person's life

the Oats It is an indispensable part of the world of breakfast due to its nutritional density and beneficial properties. Of all the grains, oats contain the highest percentage of vitamins B1 and B6. Grains also provide us with the minerals iron, magnesium and zinc, and contain a lot of fiber (10 grams per 100 grams), which is essential for combating constipation. It is also rich in vegetable protein. The chips contain all eight essential amino acids and are low in fat.

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