May 28, 2023

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Renault, the new SUV costs less than 10 thousand euros: the market is crazy, everyone wants it

Renault has accustomed the entire planet to simply exciting models. But this time he overdid it to the bitter end.

Renault is a great company. Over time, the French brand has become quite capable of creating special models, to give life to unique projects in the world and to please customers and professionals again and again. Of course, there has been no shortage of failures, but they are a little about every notable brand.


However, the brand’s European strategies continue and become more ambitious. As we can see with Renault’s new small SUV that costs practically the same as a small car. You got it right. Let’s find out more about it, also because such a car on the market is really very rare and can only attract so many qualified buyers.

Renault Kwid, this model is amazing: the details

The car we are talking about is it Renault Kwid. It is a city car with crossover shapes and designed for the Indian market. After that, it is also designed to land in other markets. It was launched in 2015, and it underwent a restyling in 2019. That is it The first Renault model designed exclusively for Asia. At 3.7 meters long (more than the Fiat Panda, Hyundai i10 and Renault Twingo), it’s narrower and taller than the small Italian cars. Despite this, driving ability is not affected in the least. The trunk is also quite large, thanks to its 280-litre capacity.

Renault Kwid

The car is available with two three-cylinder engines, the most powerful of which is capable of delivering up to 68 horsepower of maximum power. The matched gearbox is five-speed. Coming to the equipment, Renault Kwid includes a touchscreen infotainment system and offers various customization possibilities. The design of the car is characterized by a raised crossover-style body; The plastic guards and slim LED headlights are by no means unsightly.

The range is just over two hundred kilometersfor a model that has been proposed as the cheapest electric car on the market. In fact, its price is expected to be around six thousand euroswith., which is quite a bit even for a city car. They will definitely enjoy this car in Asia, even if it is not very modern. However, with the redesign dated 2019, no one should be disappointed by this realization. We would like to see. An updated car, with a good range, nice design and a comfortable, airy cabin, that’s hard to find at this price. So Renault continues to amaze the market, and it does so with a vehicle dedicated to savings.

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