Auto tax, you can also pay after the deadline

Auto tax, you can also pay after the deadline

Like all taxes, vehicle tax is mandatory to be paid within the applicable terms. This is what you will face if you skip the appointment.

Hated taxes, hated even more. But, like all taxes, they must be paid. We are talking about the car tax. Today we will try to guide you to avoid unpleasant surprises. For example, do you know what happens if you pay your car tax late?

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Let’s start by saying that Road tax must be paid on the last day of the month following vehicle registration. This is an annual provincial tax that all vehicle owners must pay. Regardless of whether the vehicle is spinning or not.

Among the parameters that determine the amount to be paid next, the parameter that has the greatest impact is that of the kilowatt-watt (kW) of the vehicle and the environmental class. Basically and to keep it simple, the more pollution, the more you pay. For this reason, old cars, which have a system that pollutes the environment more, are more punished.

Various useful information can be found on the Automobile Club d’Italia website, although it is a regional tax, we recommend that you keep an eye on the website for the region to which you belong.which usually sends a message a few weeks before the expiration date.

What happens if the car tax is paid late?

Like all taxes, vehicle tax is mandatory to be paid within the applicable terms. But What if the payment of this tax is late or not paid at all? Obviously, you should try to remedy the situation by correcting your oversight.

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Vehicle tax (from the web) 16.5.2022 quattromania
car tax (from the web)

The law still allows for so-called tireless repentancemaking it possible to settle unpaid payments or other tax and control violations. Obviously, not paying on time has a cost.

With a delay of up to 14 days, the penalty is 0.1% of the stamp duty for each day of delay; between the 15th and 30th day the penalty is 1.50%; Between 30 and 90 days, the fine increases to 1.67%; After the 90th day but within one year of the delay the fine is 3.75%.

Be careful though! Vehicle tax must be paid within one year. Once the year has passed, even the toiling canopy of repentance cannot be activated. The penalty for not paying car tax is 30% of the amount owed plus 0.5% interest for every six months of delay.

On the other hand, they are serious problems if they exceed three years of delay. In fact, there is not only the risk of administrative suspension of the car, but also a lien on the current account.

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