“American Nuclear Bombs in Great Britain? Will we respond? Tensions between Moscow and Washington

“American Nuclear Bombs in Great Britain?  Will we respond?  Tensions between Moscow and Washington

challenge about nuclear weapons The specter is still hovering in the relations between the United States and Iran Russia. And at the end of last August, the Federation of American Scientists, one of the most important international organizations that monitors nuclear arsenals, announced published a report Which supported mounting evidence of the alleged return of US nuclear weapons to British soil.

The key, according to the FAS, will be a chapter of expenditures in the US Air Force budget scheduled for 2024 which included building a dormitory at the RAF base in Lakenheath for a possible “side mission”. The report states that the terms used are:Within the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy to refer to the ability to keep nuclear weapons safe, secure and under controlObviously, this does not mean that a decision has already been made about the deployment of weapons of this type in Great Britain, but only the preparation for a hypothetical scenario involving this type of deployment is taken into account.

However, as expected, the news immediately aroused concern Russian Federation, who can now take advantage of this report to relaunch their narrative. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that this step, if implemented, would be considered “An escalation that would take matters in a completely opposite direction to addressing the pressing issue of withdrawing all nuclear weapons from European countriesMoreover, Deputy Minister Sergey Lavrov also confirmed that the possible US decision on the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the UK “They require the adoption of compensatory countermeasures designed to reliably protect the security interests of our country and its allies“.

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Therefore, for Moscow and Washington, this is a new chapter in that challenge on the atomic front, which seems to be turning back the hands of history to the ages of history. cold War. The deployment of nuclear warheads on European soil has always been at the center of the confrontation between the two powers, but with the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, this issue has acquired an even greater role. Indeed, Moscow’s direct military involvement made it possible, at least in theory, to fulfill the conditions set by the Russian nuclear doctrine on the use of its strategic arsenal. and moving Tactical nuclear warheads Kremlin in Belarus This worried all the neighboring countries as well as the entire NATO apparatus. The West, as well as all major world powers, starting with China, have warned of the danger of any kind of nuclear escalation, even if only verbally.

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