Export breaks all records, boom made in China and the United States – Chronicle

Export breaks all records, boom made in China and the United States – Chronicle

A year for Apuan regional exports will be framed in 2021. Volumes are even higher in the last year before the pandemic, ie 2019, thanks above all to the stone and machinery sector, with Baker Hughes leading. It’s a result that emerges clearly from Istat’s data for the year just ended, highlighted by the analysis by Paolo Baldini, Confindustria Livorno Massa Carrara official. “Regional exports represent the best result ever in 2021 (prev. was around €2,200 million in 2014). More than the exceptional performance achieved by 68 percent compared to 2020, the percentage increase is notable by almost 14 percent compared to the previous year Covid 2019, the third best result among the Tuscan provinces and well above the regional average.

Imports exceeding 686 million euros are also rising (+ 42% compared to 2019) with a positive trade balance of more than one billion seven hundred million euros”. Referring to the preliminary figures, exports in 2019 were barely less than 2100 million The euro drops to 1 , 420 million euros in 2020. Then the record for 2021 with nearly 2,389 million euros and a growth of 13.9% compared to 2019. – The main project remains in the United States with “770.5 million euros, 752 from the machinery and stone sector. China came in second place with more than 530 million (518 million from the machinery and stone sector). The two countries together account for 54.5% of Apuan’s total exports. After these two realities, with a value of more than 50 million euros, we find only three countries: Algeria (60.1 million euros), Germany (56.5) and France (52.8)”.

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For Baldini, this figure “confirms the strong polarization of the province’s exports, both geographical and merchandise: the latter is present, symmetrically with respect to the two countries, in the machinery and stone sectors (together they make up 81.5% of total exports). Apuan’s exports make it particularly dependent on Possible fluctuations in the economic dynamics of the two countries. But there is also a growing sound compared to the past that began to record interesting numbers, to the point that it is now the third most important in Apuan exports, the total “chemical products” which “total about 155 million euros, up 9.6% compared to 2020 and 20% Compared to 2019,” the Confindustria official identifies. The role of Baker Hughes should also be noted because the total machinery sector, which accounts for 58.8% of the province’s exports, is worth €1,404,501,000, of which 1,364,000,000 is “derived from ‘general purpose machinery’ and ‘other machinery for use’.” year, “largely referred to in Baker Hughes-Nuovo Pignone production, with reference markets in the United States and China”.

The numbers are much more important than those generated by the stone. “The sector’s total exports are estimated at €543 million, which contributes 22.7% to the formation of regional exports. Both the ‘raw and processed’ items – concludes Baldiny – indicate a net increase compared to 2020 while, compared to 2019, the ‘raw materials’ recorded a decrease By about 20 million euros in absolute value, in contrast to the fitted which increased by about 15 million euros.” The data is in line with the national trend and shows how the local economy now relies more on the industrial sector and machinery than on stone.

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