Tom Smith has arrived from the US, one of the leading experts in bear spray: he met the Trentino foresters

Tom Smith has arrived from the US, one of the leading experts in bear spray: he met the Trentino foresters

Trent. Bear spray helps reduce bear attacks. The data says it and the American University professor says it too tom smith, one of The leading experts in the world of bear spray who have studied vegetative plants especially in terms of their interactions with humans.

According to statistics in fact In 97% of cases of aggressive situations by the bear North American brown (Grizzly) supplies hikers with anti-bear spray Dissuade the animal from carrying out an attack. In recent days Smith, who has studied all types of bears in North America, He met forestry officials and civil protection operators in Trentino.

For its part, Piazza Dante expresses its satisfaction with approval two amendments, within the Constitutional Affairs and Labor Committees of the Council, With the aim of allowing forest workers in Trentino to use this deterrent. The county tells us that administrative procedures are expected to be completed in the coming months.

“While it is recognized that spraying is not the ultimate solution to ensuring the safety of people – who are called upon to follow the behaviors indicated by the technicians, and confirmed by the County of Trento – the aim, in perspective, is Allowing the supply of spray to civil protection workers and its purchase by citizens and guests who frequent areas where large carnivores are present.

Bear spray Contains a strong concentration of capsaicin, pungent substance; This tool contains a file Range 8-10 meters And you are allowed bend the aggressive specimen for about ten minutes, without harming the animal. Use the spray Permissible in United State, As well as in many European countries such as Slovenia, Slovakia and Romania, Where the presence of vegetative flora is particularly important.

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In these facts it is noted that The widespread spread of droplets facilitates coexistence between humans and animals in forest areas. For this reason, the province intends to take an active part in promoting legislation leading to the legalization of this instrument for all. “Greenlighting the future for Forest Service employees is only the first step,” he said. They deduced from Piazza Dante.

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